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i hope this post doesnt upset anyone. I come in peace!! :-) I remember sitting in mass early on in nursing school and we got a new priest. towards the end of mass, he encouraged us to "all go on about our daily lives doing... Read More

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    Quote from SNB1014
    i hope this post doesnt upset anyone. I come in peace!! :-)

    I remember sitting in mass early on in nursing school and we got a new priest. towards the end of mass, he encouraged us to "all go on about our daily lives doing the Lord's work, in our own way, the best we know how." I remember thinking, hmm, what a nice thought, then continued on my day.

    Not everyone is Catholic of course, but people of all faiths, (or lack thereof) and walks of life are at least aware catholics have elected a new Pope, Pope Francis I. I think he is a cool and righteous dude, so far. I hope only the best for him.

    For those that know the prayer of st francis and the nurses prayer, i think it touches the day to day of nursing. we care for the marginalized, the sick, the ones society frowns upon. we wash the feet (a humble act) of the sick , contagious and injured. we care for their bodies, their temple, if you will. we stand up and advocate for those who cannot themselves, be it a cognitive, physical or mental reason or societal attitudes.

    yes, i get paid. that is the way the world turns, as my rent isnt free and neither was my stethoscope:-) but i ask for nothing more than respect in return from my patients and their families. and when i cant get that, i turn the other cheek.

    i prayed, at the patients request, with a hindu family not long ago. i wasnt sure exactly which of their gods they were addressing and the language was foriegn to me, but in that moment, he was my brother. we are all god's children, no matter the god we believe in, or do not believe in, no matter the color of our skin or language we speak. we have a duty to help our brothers and sisters heal and at the time of their earthly death, prepare their physical bodies for the mourning of their loved ones.

    like many of my fellow nurses, i will be working this upcoming easter sunday. i was not happy at first!! my husband and i often don't have the traditional weekends off together and i had plans to make a big ol roast and drag hubby to mass :-)
    but then i thought, hey, what better way to give thanks on this holy day then to tend to the sick, poor and marginalized?

    ps, im no goody two shoes, i have a huge potty mouth and a nice streak of sass in my personality, but it is this thought that helps get me through code browns and tending to more "difficult" patients.

    consider this food for thought and have a fantastical day!!!
    I love the spirit of your post. It's very inclusive and generous. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and have a blessed Easter.❀❀❀
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    Thank you for sharing this.
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    Love this post. Completely agree
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    It was a nice post and I am mostly (lol) an athiest. Has anyone else read the book "Atonement" or seen the movie? I think I see a lot if that in some nurses. Using this as an atonement for something else and this post really enforced that for me.
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    One thing we miss out on is the privilege of praying for someone when asked regardless of their faith, when we refuse because their faith is not of our own. I remember one time a Muslim friend asking me (a Christian) to pray for her sick mother. It was a privilege and I hope she felt loved in that process. Thankfully, her mom recovered from her illness.
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    i got scared at first thinking i was going to taste a lot of haterade on here, but thank you all for saying the nice things you did. :-)

    my mom is atheist/agnostic and my hubby is agnostic/questioning as well....both are good people and seem to abide by the religion of being a good person and letting others "do their own thing".
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    I love your post, and fully agree! (and, next time there is a BAD "code brown", I will think of your post....LOL!) But seriously, there have been soooooo many times I have driven home after a difficult shift and just thanked God over and over for getting me through it, and also for keeping me GOING BACK even though I swear I'm going to work at McDonald's sometimes!

    I also thanked the Good Lord mannny, mannnny times for getting me through nursing school --especially the dreaded GROUP PROJECTS that *always* include the lazy people who don't contribute a THING !!!!!

    I've also driven to work many times literally saying out loud one of my favorite verses...." I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!" ---Philipians 4:13
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    youre super duper welcome, you too!
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    That was a beautiful post, thank you for sharing.
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    I think it's brilliant that someone can share their faith in an unoffensive way. Keep up the good work.
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