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Recently my hospital has upgraded or introduced multiple new computer programs that have required almost every level of nurse from bedside to administration to attend class in order to use the new technology. I have assisted in... Read More

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    Hey guys,
    Cell phones are my pet peeve also. I was just made unit manager 3 months ago, and I caught many many nurses texting while sitting right beside the doctors. The doctors complain and say we are lazy, so I again, tell them. No one listened to me. It made me irate. Long story short, I gave that job back, and am moving to a more positive unit.

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    I text all the time at work Guess what I am still a good nurse!
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    You could have just texted that to all of us..............
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    Quote from Milo27
    I text all the time at work Guess what I am still a good nurse!
    Sez you. I wonder what your colleagues think.
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    I'd never have my phone out during a meeting. That's rude.

    I did go out and buy a smartphone because I saw how useful they are to nurses that I work with. It's handy to have around vs a drug book. I only know my drugs by prefix/suffix and, sometimes, I'll run across a drug that I need to look it up. Once I was at the nursing station just looking up a drug and rec'vd a 'talking to' for that. :/
    Other than that? I don't tinker around on the phone. I'm not really into social networking and I've entirely too much work to do to be shooting the breeze. I don't know about anyone else but I prefer to get off work 'on time'.

    Not that it matters, ANYWAY, since the nurse relieving me tries her best to not show up 'on time'.
    ...but that's another thread.
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    I imagine this thread is as controversial and heated as the ADN vs. BSN threads. I can tell you that I've never texted at the nurses' station but see nurses do it all the time. I've texted on my break though in the hallway, in the elevator, and in the lobby. I guess it's just a values/productivity issue.
    I don't think it's limited to nurses. Everyone and their mother (yes their mother and sometimes grandmother) are constantly fiddling with their cellphones these days.
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    I still wonder who in the name of God people are texting at 3am on 3rd shift...... I'll never understand texting culture, and I'm glad I don't.
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    Quote from Milo27
    I text all the time at work Guess what I am still a good nurse!
    I am highly curious.......Why? Why do you text all the time at work?

    What is so imperative that you must feel impelled to communicate instantly and "stay in touch" with every single second of every day. Frankly, I find the idea of that exhausting.

    I am not being mean.....I am really curious. Many nurses find it difficult to find time to drink water and use the facilities...catch a deep breath. Where are you finding the extra time to type and communicate...carry on conversations....with people during work hours.

    It has been proven that distracted driving impairs you to a greater extent than alcohol...in fact many states/cities are passing legislation about texting and driving because of the impairment/distraction it causes........how do you feel texting does not impair you nor the care you deliver to your patients.

    Although my teen has strict regulations with the use of her phone. I truly want to know....I find the obsession with the electronic devices...fascinating.
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    I feel the same way Esme. I just don't get it. I hate being tethered and available all the time.

    I know it is a younger generation thing for the most part, but I would be interested in understanding it more. So you young'ns with the wired in 24/7 status please help us understand.
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    No one is texting while putting an Iv in...texting while driving is dangerous because you're taking your eyes off the road to text.

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