tatoos & piercings, part 2

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    There's another current thread right now about tats & piercings. And I've responded. But I had another thought.

    Nursing is complaining about the lack of professional recognition. And altho I will probably get slammed, I can't help but ask - How professional is the picture of ourselves with extensive tattoos and body piercings present???

    Thinking about it - none of my healthcare providers have any - not my PMP or his staff. Nor my dentists. Any priests, ministers, rabbis, etc? And any of the good Sisters?

    I don't think lawyers showoff any - sheesh, they all seem to wear black clothes.

    For as sleeveless as Michele Obama is, has anyone seen any tats? Any politicians with visible piercings other than maybe an earring? (And I'm talking about the females.) Caroline Kennedy, the newly appointed ambassador to Japan - anything?

    Now I'm not talking about body art that's hidden under clothing. But when I watched the basketball playoffs, one player had such extensively tattooed arms that I thought he was wearing sleeves. Why is it that nursing schools and employers of nurses must now have dress code/policies that spell out visible body art?

    Does med school, law school, divinity school?

    I support individuality, but I think we may have crossed a line of decorum/good taste that reflects on the image we wish to impart.

    Just my 2 pennies.
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    Isnt the basketball player a professional?
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    Maybe it's just me, but I've seen more than a few physicians with tats. You just don't see most of these people in short sleeves as often you do nurses.
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    This reminded me of what comedian Jay Mohr said; "A neck tattoo is a way to tell the world that you've advanced to the level in society at which you are content. You don't want to go aaaaaany further"! Haha

    Douxmusique, for the purposes of this thread, no a basketball player is not a professional.

    Tattoos are regrets waiting to occur, IMHO.

    You should title this thread the anti-tattoo thread...
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    Quote from douxmusique
    Isnt the basketball player a professional?
    Not in the context presented, clearly.

    A professional athlete is one who accepts pay for performance, to differentiate him from an amateur one. He is obviously not in the same category as a "career professional".

    But surely you must know this?
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    Quote from aTOMicTom
    Tattoos are regrets waiting to occur, IMHO.
    Yes, your opinion. I can tell you that I will never regret my tattoo, as it has a very special meaning to me, which is definitely not obvious by looking at it.

    I find judging someone by appearance, especially by presence or absence of tattoos, says more about the person doing the judging that the person being judged. Someone can "look professional" but not have a lick of competence. Someone with tattoos or piercings can be the most compassionate, caring, competent nurse a patient could ask for.
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    I have three tats. One I regret (got on my 18th birthday, back when in a major metropolitan area, there were TWO tattoo parlors) and have since lasered off. Two I don't regret, I think are quite lovely, and are in places on my body that I can choose to show or not.

    I think that in 20 years, NOT having a tattoo, in the 25-50 year age group, will be the exception rather than the rule. It's just how it is, and like the idea of gay marriage, will be accepted by EVERYONE as normal and not weird.
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    Hey, I found my new sig slogan!!

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. Unless the ones you DID do were TATTOOS!
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    I don't give my tattoos enough thought to sit around and regret them all day. I was thoughtful with mine, in where they are on me and what they are and I wouldn't change them at all. Except for one that could have been done by a better artist, but it will be covered with a better one soon! Looking back, I regret more of my previous outfit choices than my tattoos.
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    I know several physicians with tattoos, not on the neck or hands but arms, backs etc. But they tend to wear lab coats more often than nurses.

    I know several nurses with tattoos on their arms, the webbing between the thumb/finger (hearts or peace signs etc) and on their wrists too. I'm sure it varies by area of the country too, that some places are more conservative than others too.

    I will not regret my tattoos in 20 years, or 50 years, and I'm getting my next one in December when I graduate
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