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How many times has one of your friends or family monopolized on the fact that you were a nurse? "Hey Sis, so my poop is green.. what's wrong with me?"; "Hey best friend! So the other day I was at the... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    HAHAHAHAHA!! LOVE this article. My mother the non-nurse would say "go have a cup of tea, a shower, and you will be FINE".
  2. by   JericaL
    I think this kind of happens in every profession. My hubby works in the IT field and online and folks always ask him to fix their computers, set up things for them, install software etc. I don't think they do it maliciously, they just find it convenient and they trust him. Family and friends, sometimes just people he's recently met. Now with nursing it is a bit touchier because you really have to do your best to educate and refer back to their physician. You don't want to be held liable for "practicing medicine without a license" or something of that nature which a person who technically isn't your patient could pull on you if your advice falls through or does them harm.

    "I have learned that when we are sick, we are scared, and when we're scared we turn to people who we look up to and trust for advice. Western societies especially are prone to socializing people to be brave and independent. Don't ask for help, don't show fear and don't complain. That is, I feel, interwoven in our society and in our behavior as people. Thus, the easiest way for us to deal with our emotions when we are scared and sick is to just revert back to a simpler time when we were children and depended on our parents for everything. We place health care professionals or people we deem 'wiser' than ourselves in place of our parents and we want them to make our decisions for us."

    This is really wonderfully put and kudos to you for thinking it through to that conclusion. People aren't trying to be annoying, they're just worried and scared. How could anyone not sympathize, right? But still, your advice is solid -- comfort them and refer to their doctor.