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  1. Workers compensation rights aside, this nurse has a clear case of negligence against the hospital and this is the bigger fish to fry. The hospital administration implemented this new equipment without formally training the staff. The administra...
  2. Hallo Mein Freund! So, disclaimer in advance, I am not an American nurse and can't really speak to the particulars of the type of nursing you do in the USA, BUT I hope to address your insecurities about not feeling like a "nurse" because you ha...
  3. Thanks TriciaJ for the comments! And interesting to hear from a previous member of the SRNA!! I just wanted to correct you on one thing that I don't want people to be confused by, Canada DOES have a constitution. If we didn't, we wouldn't exist as a ...
  4. That is so interesting! Canadian courts have found that kind of thing to be unconstitutional. Any statute that talks about moral values or religion is not considered constitutional in Canada. Its so curious how two neighboring countries that share so...
  5. Yes, I wasn't necessarily referring to the sexually explicit material, I was referring to the discussion as a whole of how regulatory bodies have stated, in the USA, that your off duty conduct can merit discipline. The one that stood out the most, at...
  6. This has already happened in America! https://www.statesman.com/article/20130210/NEWS/302109767 The theme is concerning for sure and I think nurses internationally need to take notice and speak up about this kind of thing.
  7. Just over a year ago, in April of 2018, RN Carolyn Strom lost her court appeal contesting disciplinary action that was taken by her regulatory body (the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses Association “SRNA”) for a comment she posted on Facebook about the...
  8. steven007

    Interpersonal Skills Lacking in Healthcare

    Great article! It really does touch an a huge issue in healthcare as a whole. The idea of huddles is great! The reality of huddles, not so much. Huddles should incorporate all members of the healthcare team, pharmacy and other allied health, nu...
  9. steven007

    Disappointing Interview

    I have to admit, as a nurse manager, I have done this before with candidates I have interviewed. At my hospital, we usually interview candidates with a couple of managers from different units (in the same general discipline, for me its psychiatr...
  10. I don't want to be the cynical one here, but I am having a hard time seeing how this really meaningfully impacts new nurses? Part of the issue is that I am a Canadian nurse, but Canada now uses the NCLEX as well. I have taught the nursing program and...
  11. steven007

    Redefining "Abuse"

    Hi Invitale, Thanks for your feedback. I wish to address one thing first; unfortunately current research on respite care isn't so promising in terms of enhancing caregiver outcomes . I am not sure which research you are referring to, but I have rea...
  12. steven007

    Redefining "Abuse"

    Hey heron, These are great questions you've posed! And I wish I could give you an answer to them, but unfortunately I can't. I wish to raise awareness. The first part of addressing a problem is recognizing it and I feel that the abuse some careg...
  13. steven007

    Redefining "Abuse"

    Hi CapeCodMermaid, Actually, intent is not a requirement for abuse outside of legal situations. The only time intent matters is if you take an abuse case to court, the courts must prove "criminal intent" or "intent of harm". All of the terms used...
  14. steven007

    So I Have This Rash... What Do You Think?

    Hahaha donsterRN, I should try that next time! Hilarious!
  15. steven007

    So I Have This Rash... What Do You Think?

    Sorry, it's an article! I put it under the wrong type. But I fixed it :)!
  16. How many times has one of your friends or family monopolized on the fact that you were a nurse? "Hey Sis, so my poop is green.. what's wrong with me?"; "Hey best friend! So the other day I was at the club and, well you know me, drinking a bit too muc...