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So occassionally I'll see a nurse or doc with a nose ring, or tongue ring. If it is not for cultural purposes, I personally find that it truly takes away from the professional look we are supposed to have while at work. I'm a... Read More

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    Quote from healthstar
    I think you misunderstood me. I did not say people who have tattoos, piercings, and wear no makeup are not clean! They probably take a shower 5 times/day! I know piercings, tattoos etc are habits/ passions just like makeup. I said makeup is my other passion, and when I go to work I want to look professional, I make changes to my makeup looks- I don't wear purples, crazy colors! I tone it down by wearing neutrals! People should hide tattoos and remove piercings for 12 hrs, its not the end of the world. I don't think any patient would like to have a nurse with sleeves of tattoos, 10 facial piercings, heavy makeup, messy hair, stained scrubs. She might be the best nurse in the world but people are still judgmental, sad but true. I want my patients and coworkers to remember me by name, and not call me " the purple hair lady, the tattoo lady, makeup lady! I care a lot about the appearance in myself and others! By appearance I do not mean beauty
    You seem like you're in denial about what you really think, as per the bolded bits above. I don't think it's up to you to decide what patients want to see, and if you really think that piercings don't automatically make a person dirty, why are you lumping it in with, well, being dirty?

    Though I don't have any facial piercings or tattoos myself, I absolutely support the rights of people to wear them visibly as nurses. If hospitals allow that, good for them! I think it's mainly a lot of the older generation that still thinks that you're somehow unprofessional if you have a facial piercing or tattoo showing, and it's just not true. I'm hoping to eventually move to Northern California and be a nurse out there, and I'd hope that people there would be a bit less likely to get their panties twisted over such trivial things.
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    Our medical assistant at my clinic has purple hair, piercings, and is covered in ink. I wouldn't trade her for anything and anyone who has an issue with her appearance is summarily dealt with. I've been cared for by nurses who were almost pierced shut, had full sleeves, and all manner of hair color. Couldn't care less as long as they're good at what they do.
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    I agree, its a lack of professionalism.but i have very conservative values.
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    My vote is unprofessional . I haven't seen any since '90's except on some Indian girls.
    I'm in NJ, a very liberal state.

    It wouldn't effect my work habits around some one who has it, that would be childish.
    As a patient, I wouldn't request another nurse.

    Ask your direct boss. That's all the approval you need.

    I was just at a deli and the guy serving had a medical mask, with many holes, coughed and sneezed onto his sleeve , then used same sleeve to tape the bag label. That was disturbing and I left without the order.
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    I often find myself staring at upper lip, chin, and nose piercings because they look like zits at first glance.
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    I dont care what people do to their body, but im kinda tired of the old refrain of "i wanna show my individuality, so im going to get the same piercing and tattoo as those other 5000000 people! Stop stifling my individuality!!!"
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    I think its fine as long as you don't go overboard.

    I have a visible tattoo on the back of my neck, not innapropriate or anything bad.

    Where I now work its okay to have up to one third of your body tatted and nothing offensive.

    I think thats fair.
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    Oh, in enough time all this talk about piercing and tattoos being "unprofessional" will be seen for the stupidness it is. It wasn't that long ago that a man going outside without a hat or a woman going outside in pants was seen as scandalous.

    Times change. Values change. And thank God they do.
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    One of the instructors for my CNA certification had recently gotten her nose pierced as a birthday gift to herself. For her 50th birthday. I thought it was really cool, and it looked great on her. It's not something I would do right now, because I am a nursing student, but this lady had been a nurse for however many years, and had the respect of her peers. If I was already a nurse, and was already working somewhere that it wasn't against policy, I would consider a nose piercing.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    I don't see what the big deal is. I'm not allowed to wear my nose ring at work, and was called out one night for forgetting it was in. Yet several of our nurses wear acrylic nails and hoop ear rings the size of my head, also not allowed per the dress code. Fair much? I was told my nose stud was prohibited because of "infection control issues". Pretty sure those acrylic nails pose more of an infection control issue than my nose stud, but that's just what happens in an uptight world.

    Before I was told it had to go, I had a whole lot of patients comment on my nose stud. It was all little old ladies, commenting on how they liked it and wished they were young enough to get their's pierced too. It was a good segue into building rapport with patients I didn't have much else in common with. My nose piercing led to some fun conversations I never would have imagined. No big deal, I'll take it out for work, but I don't see how it makes me more unprofessional than the nurse with 6 inch hoop ear rings.
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