Question about marijuana use as a nurse

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    I used to use marijuana only as a recreational drug, recently it was prescribed to me due to anxiety and lack of appetite. If you have a prescription to marijuana and you test positive on a drug screening, would you still be allowed to work? Would an application for employment be denied?

    Personally, I think that you should be able to. I believe that you should be able to do whatever you want during your off hours, as long as it is not affecting your performance at work, whether that is going home and having a few beers, or smoking a joint.

    Honestly, I feel more in control of myself and a lot safer when using marijuana over drinking alcohol. Going into the nursing field really does take a special kind of person that wants to help people. If we didn't have the genuine desire to help, most likely, we would not have made it through school.

    I would never come into work high any more than I would come into work drunk, so it wouldn't affect the way that I treat patients. Why would I enter a field to help people, just to hinder my performance and actually put them in harms way? There are restrictions on marijuana just like there are on any other prescription drug, just like the "do not operate heavy machinery" restriction. If it is legal, prescribed, and not affecting me at work, I don't think that my license should be at stake.
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    What you believe and what the BON in your state believes can be two very different things, and if you have to go before the board, I'm sure they won't care what you think. Unfortunate, but true.
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    you didn't answer my question....why did you post anything at all?
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    It is always best to contact your particular board of nursing, but these two threads may be of help.
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    You have some nerve. Be glad anyone responded at all. You may not like the answer, but it remains the same. The only way to know the actual answer is for YOU to contact YOUR BON.
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    Quote from sasha_t
    you didn't answer my question....why did you post anything at all?
    What question? You obviously only care to hear opinions that coincide with yours. I don't even see a question in your post - I just see this:"if it is legal, prescribed, and not affecting me at work, i don't think that my license should be at stake."That's fine. That's your belief. But others are allowed to differ.
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    As other posters have pointed out - what we think is irrelevant, its what the BON in your state rules. I would contact them.
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    It would be a rare prescriber who would prescribe marijuana for anxiety and lack of appetite unless all other options had been exhausted and/or there were extenuating circumstances. Do contact your Board of Nursing about this.
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    Let us know what the BON tells you ok? It is an interesting scenario and I can see both sides.
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    you did not pose a question for us to answer. So we assume you want opinions. Mine is, don't be my nurse if you are on dope

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