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I am currently looking to go to uni and do a mental health nursing degree, the only issue is that I have a small wrist piercing, a wrist piercing and various other piercings etc.. being a mental health nurse, will I be allowed my... Read More

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    Quote from Asystole RN
    Very professional. Stay classy.
    Oh come on. Nothing wrong with it. At least to me. And I don't have it anymore anyway.
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    I have two forearm tattoos and I am required to cover them up at all times. I wear two Ink Armor sleeves: Cover Tattoo | Tattoo Cover Up | Tattoo Cover | Free Shipping U.S - TAT2X The above comments are correct in that it is going to vary from place to place. I would imagine that it is probably more restrictive with piercings. If it's on your wrist the watch idea seems like a good option or bracelets or the sleeves I wear in the wrist size or if it's not too hot long sleeves.
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    Quote from Asystole RN
    Very professional. Stay classy.
    Aw, come on now. Don't be like that. I used to flip my septum jewelry down for the residents all the time when I worked in LTC. They'd always ask what that shiny thing was in my nose if they caught a glimpse of it, so I'd show them. They loved it. They also loved all my ear piercings, and were fascinated by my chest microdermal.

    OP, it depends on where you work. When I worked in LTC, no one cared how many piercings or tattoos were visible. The dress code where I work now is much more strict, but I just wear my hair down to hide my piercings.
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