Is it unprofessional?

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    I had an interview this week with a supervisor and a manager together. I was interviewed in the manager's office. She did/mentioned the following while I was being interviewed:
    - answered her office phone
    - print stuff from the computer
    - made a comment about nursing schools nowadays don't teach critical thinking anymore
    - mentioned that her nurses are not union-minded, and being a part of the union is not encouraged
    - walked in and out of her office

    Was this just one of those interviews that tests my ability to adapt to a situation or was she just plain unprofessional? I am concerned about working for this hospital because of the manager's attitude. The supervisor, however, was very amicable and professional. I got a really mixed feeling abou this hospital. What do you think? Thank you.

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    Seems like her attention wasn't very focused. I could see it if there was an emergency (had that happen during an interview i had as an aide. A pt. coded down the hall. And then she came back and apologized for the interuption, but hey how was she supposed to know the man was going to do that lol.)

    An interview should be a one-on-one focus, and that's not what you got.

    I don't blame you for wondering. I would question working for those two. If that's how your interview was, then how would the actual job be?
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    I think it was very unprofessional behavior. An interview should be focused on the interviewee. I understand managers are very busy these days, but 30 minutes set aside without interruptions should be doable. None of those things have every happened to me during interviews. They were either in the office behind a closed door (which should me don't even knock), or in a conference room in another part of the hospital. Never had a manager even answer the phone during the interview - in fact they had put their phones on voice mail only.

    Negative comments about anyone, or anything have no place in an interview, either. The hospital or unit may be a great place to work, in spite of the manager. But a manager's politics and attitudes do sometimes set the tone for the environment, especially if you have problems you need to discuss with her. Is she going to behave that way if you need to go to her for support or advice regarding a problem?
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    This was flat unprofessional behavior, and you have every reason to be wary of working for this particular hospital. Remember that an interview is an opportunity for you to evaluate your prospective employer, as well as vice-versa. Would you "hire" this employer? I wouldn't!

    Good luck to you!
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    I had an interview like that except one thing. They focused mostly on "how do you deal with conflict?" "What would you do if there was a conflict?" there was NO questions about my education, my aspirations, ONLY and I mean ONLY asked about "conflict" you couldn't pay me enough to work there because if they are THAT concerned with conflict I do NOT want to work in that type of atmosphere!
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    run :uhoh21: like the wind :chuckle!!!

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    Yes, it is unprofessional, especially if she did not apologize! She may really have had to get some things done by a deadline. But with no explaination such as , "I am so glad you could come in and interview, I am very sorry, I just found out that I need to present some budgetary information to the committee X this afternoon, so I am printing some documents now." It is really poor interview behavior. I would have felt insulted and probably not taken the job.
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    Yes, it's unprofessional.
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    Thank you for all your feedback. It's clear to me why I am not having such a good feeling about this hospital. Maybe I will continue pursuing employment from this hospital but only from units with a different manager. Thanks again!
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    Easy call there:


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