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  1. 0 So, I'm an LPN currently looking for a job. I received a phone call from a lady about a home health position. She asked if I had any experience working with the elderly but, it wasn't required. She said she has no professional training of her own. But, the more we talked the shadier it sounded. She said that you get paid through medicaid (which sounded legit at first). She told me she was pregnant and looking for someone to fill in for her when she couldn't be there, when she didn't feel like being there, and when her maternity leave came to be. But, she told me that she would fill out the medicaid time sheet as if she worked and then would pay me out of her paycheck, but she would have to take additional taxes out. She asked me if I was a "pill popper" I said no. She then asked me this three other times. She said they had to fire three people already for being "pill poppers" and currently have a temp girl they can't keep because she is a "pill popper". I got so tired of hearing the word "pill popper". She said the shift was from 6:30am to 5:30pm. But, I could pretty much show up when I wanted, and I could take a 2 hour break during the day. But, what ever I did make sure I put on the time sheet I was there the whole time. She also said that you have to put the patient in bed before you leave. This man had a stroke and is paralyzed on one side of his body, and can't get out of bed without assistance. He stays in bed for 10 hours? It didn't make since. I drove by there a couple of times when she was suppose to be working and her car was nowhere to be seen. The whole situation seemed strange. So, I called her and told her I didn't want the job. It seems to me this man is being neglected, and they are playing the medicaid system. Should I report any of this, or just not get involved?
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    Doesn't sound legit at all. No agency involved? Keep moving!
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    She is bilking Medicaid, and neglecting this ill man. This is how you get arrested, it is Medicaid fraud. Please report her. You can legally get your own provider number, if you worked under her number, you would be commiting fraud also. Please report this ASAP!
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    I ran out of fingers counting the red flags with this scenario!!! Sounds like Medicaid fraud is happening as well as neglect of this poor man. Medicaid fraud means she is stealing from the taxpayers--you and me!!!
    PLEASE tell us you've made the necessary calls to get this woman reported to any and every agency set up to handle situations like this!!!!!
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    As a LPN you are a mandated reporter and depending on the state if you are aware of a situation and don't report you can also be held liable. Please do the right thing and turn these people in.
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    Who knows. Maybe she takes the bus to his house. Maybe this man does not even exist. I don't know of such a program through Medicaid that pays for 11 hours of daily private duty care for one elderly person!
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    Dead give-away for a fishy story --- she'll get paid out of someone else's paycheck?!?!?! Methinks NOT! Something is rotten here ... I wouldn't even know where to begin to report this but I smell FRAUD big-time.
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    Run away and report.
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