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I am "Facebook friends" with a large number of my nursing peers. I am often quite surprised at the behavior I see exhibited by them in so public a place. I see: 1. Lots and lots of foul language/inappropriate pics, etc. 2.... Read More

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    Quote from giveface
    M point is only that why should you have to make and maintain two separate facebook accounts (second one under a pseudonym), simply to enable this misguided concept that employers have the right to spy on us in our personal lives, they don't have that right IMO. What I meant by the train derailment analogy, is that we don't have an "on nurse/off nurse" button when we go from a professional environment to a personal one; we are always a nurse.
    If it's on the web, it's public, not private and therefore not spying. Even here on allnurses, without my real name or identifying picture, I'm still careful about changing anything potentially identifying.
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    Regardless of your privacy settings, all it takes is one friend to "share" or screenshot your post for it to become quite public.
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    I disagree and feel that it is being nosy, stirring up trouble and spying. As I stated earlier, unless I am posting privleged info (which I never do), than what photos I choose to put up, or what political or ideological whatevers on my profile are my business. That's just how I see it. Another analogy is peeping toms. Is it the fault of the person being peeped on because she left her curtains open ( of course not!), or the fault of the gross peeping, spying tom. Same principle applies IMO.
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    Although facebook can be made private, I have been (at times) what information was shared through friends of mine on facebook that were friends with people that I was not.
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    You of course, have the right to represent yourself in ANY way on Facebook. However, certain representations may make you much less attractive to employers, and may hinder your goals to stay employed.

    I do wonder if it would embarrass you if your boss saw it...why on earth would you be ok with your friends or family looking at it!

    But I do lead a pretty pedantic life. So maybe thats my issue. Secondly, I have learned to post on FB in a deliberately vague that those in the know "know" and those out of the "know" will have to speculate...
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    If future employers are now checking into your credit report and using that against you, you can bet they will use facebook also. Once it's out there, there's no taking it back.
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    I believe that what I do in my personal, private time is none of my employer's business. My FB page is personal, it is not related to my employment, so therefore, my employer has no right to be snooping. I am also against drug testing as a condition of employment as a violation of our rights to privacy and unreasonable search and seizure. I have nothing to hide, as I only do legal drugs like alcohol and caffeine, but it's the principle of the matter to me.

    Edited to add: My credit report is none of their business either (and I have excellent credit, again, it's the principle!)!!!
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    No, they do not have a responsibility AS NURSES to keep it professional. HOWEVER, for ANY job, if they like being employed, it is highly advisable and keep two questions in mind in regards to behavior.

    1. Does this embarrass my employer? If you talk crap about your boss, coworkers, or how your hospital, clinic, office does business, then don't be surprised when the rumor mill at work results in your termination. All those people you have friended from work will not keep their mouth shut offline.

    2. Who is my audience? Do these people really care about what I'm saying? Why show photos of guzzling beers while you're half dressed for your work "friends" to see? There are distribution lists on FB that you can direct your posts to or exclude them from. I have a handful such as "work, liberal, hometown, besties, and music lovers" So I don't spam my posts to the wrong types of people or things they just don't care about.

    Bottom line, people that say and do stupid stuff find themselves repeatedly wondering why they are constantly getting themselves in trouble or bad things happening to them. I generally keep any post clean as can be. Once it's on the's there forever whether you hit the delete button or not.

    One more thing...Don't be a rat. Don't come to work and run your mouth about what you saw on someone elses internet page. Just shut your yap and get to is not a social club.

    My Two cents
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    I see a lot of people signing into various discussion boards with a sign-on linked to their Facebook account. Just the other day, I was reading the comment section on a news story on the website of our local newspaper...there, for all the world to see, very public, were profane and ignorant and inappropriate comments by posters identified like so:

    Joe Blow - RN at Blah Blah Medical Center.
    Jane Wipe - Poncho Villa Elementary
    Elsa Fap - CEO at BoogerCorp.

    I just truly believe that people are not as secure in their online life as they believe themselves to be.
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    I keep things clean because I do not want people to get the wrong impression and that covers anything related to professionalism. I don't care to post where I work or what I do and therefore do not because it is none of anyone else's business. I'm a very private person to begin with so I tend to keep my business just that, mine.

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