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My mom keeps on telling me that Nurses can't have any tattoo or even any piercings, like industrial or cartilage or any thing like that. IS IT TRUE?!?!?!?!... Read More

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    I have 7 tattoos and a belly piercing( that I just got on my birthday). My tattoos are covered by my scrubs and I make it to 3rd quarter of nursing school before a teacher saw my inner wrist tattoo, that is usually covered by my watch.
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    They just revised our dress code and tattoos are now allowed. I work at a peds hospital in a large city.
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    You can have a tattoo, but if it is visible it is going to make get a job harder. Right now it isn't easy to find a job out of school with or without a tattoo. Search this site for "new grad" and you will get a ton of post...I cant find a job...
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    I hate to say it, but I will probably get mine removed. I have a half sleeve that goes to the superior-most part of my olecranon space. I have another, peony flower, on my upper left forearm. I hate that hospitals don't let nurses have tattoos. The hospital down the street from me doesn't allow tattoos that are visible, and yet they let their nurses smoke like no tomorrow. A tattoo doesn't affect the care the nurse gives (their personality does), and yet would you think that smelling cigarette smoke would be so terribly bothersome? I'd ask for a change of nurse if I was a patient and had a smoking nurse.

    What really is unfortunate is that mine will take probably thousands of dollars to get removed. Oh well!
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    I have a large chest tattoo that is easily seen if I am wearing a shirt that does not sit close to my neck. I have not had any issues at either job I have worked. The first job had a tattoo policy that they had to be covered, but they were pretty relaxed about it. I was asked to cover up once, but I didn't and it was never brought up again (it turned out to be another coworker who I didn't have a particularly good relationship with trying to get me in trouble). Other than that one time, I have never had it be a problem. I don't want to stop getting tattoos so I just try and keep them in places that I can cover them for interviews.
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    mmmmmm i love these threads. I have been a qualified nurse for a while now and i have loads of tattoos. i have got half sleeves but you can see them just poking out of my uniform and the same with the bits on my chest. I have had them for years and longer than i have been a nurse/student.
    Not one job application says do you have tattoos on it. Never in an interview have i been asked about my appearance. A matron did say to me once she wouldnt employ any nurse with visible tattoos (obviously not seen mine). my reply was "what other judgements should i make about people based on the colour of their skin?" Problem solved. It doesnt matter if your black white or multi coloured a good nurse is a good nurse.

    My trusts uniform policy says offensive tattoos must be covered and that it.

    I do feel the attitudes towards tattoos are a little victorian but then it wasnt that long ago nurses had to ask permission from matrons to get married. Times will change.

    Last point. I have lost count of the amount of conversations i have started with patients about tattoos. My favorites are the little old men with a murky blob in the shape of an anchor or similar. Or the asian ladies who are covered from head to toe with symbols. I have make good working relationships with families and patients because i take interest in their relative/ them and not just their condition.

    summary if you cant be bothered to read all that.

    If you want tattoos, do it. Just prove them wrong by being an amazing nurse with tattoos.