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coconutzz has 2 years experience and specializes in OR.

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  1. coconutzz

    Air Force Nursing- COT training

    aminoacid9, What nursing specialty are you? I am also going to COT in January and Nellis. I am OR
  2. coconutzz

    Air Force Jan 2014 COT

    I'll be joining you all in January and then heading to Nellis AFB in Las Vegas! Super excited!
  3. coconutzz

    FY 2014 Air Force Nursing

    I found out I was selected for an OR nurse position! I am so excited, it is still sinking in! Congrats to everyone who was selected! I don't know where or when I am going yet, can't wait to find out!
  4. coconutzz

    Can a Nurse have a Tattoo???

    I have a large chest tattoo that is easily seen if I am wearing a shirt that does not sit close to my neck. I have not had any issues at either job I have worked. The first job had a tattoo policy that they had to be covered, but they were pretty relaxed about it. I was asked to cover up once, but I didn't and it was never brought up again (it turned out to be another coworker who I didn't have a particularly good relationship with trying to get me in trouble). Other than that one time, I have never had it be a problem. I don't want to stop getting tattoos so I just try and keep them in places that I can cover them for interviews.
  5. Would TNCC be helpful to critical care nursing? I had heard it was based on assessing a patient when they first arrive to the hospital, but if you are likely to see trauma patients in your ICU, would TNCC be helpful? Are there any other courses that may be also be helpful for critical care?
  6. coconutzz

    circulating and scrubbing?

    are there many hospitals out there that have RNs who circulate and scrub? And I don't mean scrub once a month but consistently scrub? I am interested in RNFA but I work at a hospital where most scrubbing is done by techs. Thanks!
  7. coconutzz

    RN in the OR?

    DocOc, you asked if an OR nurse does a head to toe assessment earlier. When I started in the OR I wondered why they didn't either. The reason is that an OR nurse performs a focused assessment. The OR nurse is concerned about positioning, metal in the body, NPO status, allergies, possibly labs depending on the type of surgery the patient will have, SCDs/TEDs, any lines in place, if the patient is to be admitted or discharged postop, need for blood (along with appropriate samples taken to expedite getting blood), etc. It's like when you were in nursing school. If you had a test on the diseases of the lungs, you didn't go home and study labor and delivery. You focused on what you needed to know and used your ability to gather pertinent information and even some past experiences (maybe your own weakness or mistakes you made before) to prepare for the task at hand. While it is nice to know as much as possible, it is best to know the information that will most likely affect your patient during surgery. When you mention patient advocate, you are right, anyone could be one. I have worked will OR RNs who make me embarrassed to share the same title and have worked with ORAs and STs who I can't learn enough from not only because of their skill but their ability to work as a team, allowing their experience to lend itself to ensuring that the surgery at hand is the best it can be. The same can be said for surgeons/doctors though. Each individual decides who they are going to be and how they are going to perform, their title does not do that for them. Having an RN in the room, I believe, is to ensure that another trained person is there to catch mistakes, to critically think when a situation occurs, and has the licensure needed to perform certain tasks. Mistakes and events occurred routinely enough to make an RN in the room required for surgery.
  8. Quick question, I am currently gaining my one years experience to apply for the Air Force next October. I understand that I cannot be pregnant at COT, but are there other times I shouldn't be pregnant? I am only asking because I have a year until the boards I am applying for and longer than that until I would leave for COT if accepted. I just don't want to forever put off my other life plans while waiting for the opportunity to join the military. This process has been so long for me and is looking even longer now, I would hate to put off other things in my life without realizing I did not have to do so. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  9. coconutzz

    NICU RN, Military Spouse looking to join

    I wish you the best of luck in applying. It takes awhile to get everything together for your packet, I hope you are able to complete it in time for January. I don't have any idea how your chances look for being picked up but know that there is a lot of waiting and sometimes while you're waiting things change. You being a military spouse does not have much to do with you being selected (or so explained to me by my recruiter because my husband is AD AF). It is neither good nor bad. Just know that if you are AF and he is Army there is a good chance you will not be stationed together. I do recommend that you try to stay positive and make a good alternate plan incase you're not accepted. Good luck! Let us know how the process goes for you and if you are accepted!
  10. Hi! I have an interview coming up with Oschner in New Orleans in the Operating Room Department. I am a new graduate and this is my first interview as a nurse. I have looked through some of the other posts on this topic for questions that may come up during the interview which I have found very helpful for me to review. I have a few more questions. As a new nurse, what should I expect from the interview? I have no nursing experience so I do not expect any specific questions related to how I personally cared for patients in the past. Will they ask me questions about jobs I previously held? How much of my personal life will be brought up? How much should I be willing to share? Should I bring a copy of my resume with me? More than one copy? Should I be prepared to leave a thank you card/mail a thank you card? I have seen this mentioned quite a lot through internet searches. Is it standard practice for every hospital to hold multiple interviews? By that I mean, first round interviews, then call backs for second round interviews? I appreciate any insight! Thank you all so much!
  11. Thank you for replying. What are the specialties required?
  12. I was wondering if the Air Force is in need of OR nurses. I was not picked up for NTP this last board. When I told my recruiter I had done my practicum in the OR, he said to get 6 months experience in the OR and reapply. Is there a shortage of OR nurses in the Air Force? Also, will it be hard to be picked up after being a non-select? My recruiter said I didn't have anything wrong with my package, just that there were so few positions open. I'm wondering if this will hurt my chances later. Thank you!
  13. coconutzz

    From RN to PA in the military

    Thank you all for responding, I appreciate the input!
  14. coconutzz

    Air Force Mental Health Nursing

    What does a Mental Health Nurse do in the Air Force? Are there inpatient units or is all care done in an outpatient clinic? How frequently are these nurses deployed? And to where? I did not realize Mental Health Nursing was an option until I was looking further into the Air Force specialties. I greatly appreciate any information about it!
  15. coconutzz

    Officer/Enlisted marriage question

    carolinapooh, so just to clarify, if my husband is a med tech and i am trying to join as a nurse, it wouldn't be a problem so long as we were not working in the same clinic/floor? we could work in the same hospital and be apart of the same medical group, right?
  16. coconutzz

    Becoming a nurse as an Air Force wife

    One more thing, there is usually a continuing education office at most bases. If you wait until he is stationed at a base, they will have information on schools close to that base. Down here at Keesler AFB, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC) has classes that are offered on base, but there are also plenty of schools locally, I travel to Mobile, AL where there are several good nursing programs. Or you can start at a college where you are from and go visit your husband during the summer semesters and take online classes if the school offers them. Just do your homework so you can find out as many options as you can to make a decision.

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