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Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new grad who graduated this summer with my BSN. I was let go from my first nursing job only after 2 weeks. I graduated with honors and had my capstone in a busy Emergency... Read More

  1. by   luv2
    Quote from BonnieLook
    Sounds like Saint Peter's Hospital. You are not the first. They also don't pay for the training.
    Do not name the facility. They are not worth the time. The medical community is very small you will be surprised. I forgot to mention do not put these place on your resume and do not list any of them as refrences.
  2. by   Buddyboi
    Please sue them with details of everything that happened.
  3. by   JKL33
    This unit is in trouble and none of it has anything to do with you.

    The main thing to learn from this experience has to do with red flags when looking for positions. A proposed 5 week orientation in acute care for a new grad is not remotely acceptable.

    The individuals who made proclamations about your future have not displayed any of the ethics required to make an honest or fair judgment.

    I'm sorry this happened.
  4. by   dienw
    The supervising nurse who once called me slow, now that I've established myself as a nurse, describes how I was "very thorough" when I worked with her. She has even offered to help me take the next step in my nursing career and she is genuinely sincere. Yes, I might have killed her with kindness to some degree way back when. Killing someone with kindness is kind of like playing the lottery, sure, it's unlikely, but you can't win if don't play.

    Years ago before nursing, I interviewed with the owner of a company. He was exceptionally rude and told me I would be a terrible employee. Since he was the owner, killing with kindness was pointless. After his rudeness, I thanked him for his candor and excused myself. I truly meant that - I'm so glad I saw his true colors before being hired.
  5. by   MedicRU
    Don't let the circumstances sway you from your path.
    You are and will be a great ED nurse if that's where your heart is.
    Think of it as their loss and not yours. As one door closes another pne opens.
    I worked as a Trauma PCU/ICU nurse and can tell from my experience that Ortho is not a an easy floor.
    Sounds like these Ortho monkey just did not want to train you. Well, they have to then face high attrition rates. I mean who wants to lift a 300-pound patient in skeletal traction?
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