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  1. MedicRU

    Is this for Me?

    As previous posters aptly stated, there is no sugar coating it. Nursing is not for everyone. Some people enter nursing for all the wrong reasons. There are few eminently qualified nurses, there are a lot of task runners and fewer critical thinkers. Most importantly, assess your physical health and be realistic about the needed mental and physical stamina to get through nursing school, then to enter clinical field and to stay there for a while. If you decide to give it a go, enroll in ADN/ASN program - shorter duration, straight path to RN license and an opportunity to get foothold in a hospital. Once you get into a hospital, that hospital would help you with paying for your RN-to-BSN, which would shave off significant cost of your continuous education. Lastly, and probably most importantly, ask yourself: Would I enjoy caring for those that are sick? As a nurse, you would be patient's advocate and a last line of defense. Good luck!
  2. MedicRU

    Roadkill Cuisine Perks and Pitfalls

    Interesting topic, however I'd never touch a road kill unless I was starving and needed to roast that carcass over fire. In Florida we leave road kill to vultures that vultures are actually protected species. Besides it's too hot and road kill won't last even an hour in a hot weather. Killing a vulture with ill intent carries a risk of persecution at a felony level. That is for a good reason. Vultures are the nature's most effective clean-up morticians and they work well to make sure there are no decomposing carcasses laying around. In South Florida one can hunt alligators and iguanas, and I am sure most would prefer them fresh, not putrid.
  3. MedicRU

    CRNAs: We are the Answer

    If you paint me "ignorant in my opinion", at least attempt to provide the basis for your statement to counter argue why you think there's a misconception on the part of nursing community. Until then, a condescending statement like this would only reinforce a sense of distrust many RN's might hold towards CRNA's (I will not speak for all, but just for my own person in this particular context).
  4. MedicRU

    The Future of Nursing Retention

    It seems as though what is being done is a band aid approach. The problem is much deeper than just scheduling. To me the biggest issue is that nurses are EXPECTED to do more than ever before. Many of the tasks that were routinely performed by doctors are now supposed to be done by RN's. I left ICU because I was tired of scrambling to catch up to more and more demands every effing day, all the while watching MD residents sitting at computer stations and having a good time. Not one would get up and d/c a chest tube or a PICC line - why bother, let nurses carry on the load of everything along with ensuing responsibility. Not to mention wild census rides, administration BS and other crap that invariably sucks the life out of a nurse. Similarly, NP's are expected to run most things on the unit where as MD's would not even bother come to an ICU unit unless a patient is crashing and even MD's would be standing around issuing orders and not doing much. Mid-levels folks and RN's are filling in every hole in the torn healthcare fabric. There is not a single reason why I would leave my home based UR/UM position to go back to hell of hospital shenanigans. That being said, the whole system needs overhaul, and joggling with schedules alone will just not cut it.
  5. MedicRU

    How to retain nurses?

    No need to re-state the above said but, because healthcare has morphed into corporate money making machine, is it any wonder? Hospitals are run like publicly traded corporations and their main focus is revenue and profit, not lives. In this grand scheme of profiteering, nurses are viewed as miserable grunts that are entirely expendable. And as long as there is a steady supply from nursing schools, which continue to feed nonsense and fantasy to naive and unadulterated students, this cycle of downward spiral will continue.
  6. MedicRU

    New Grad Fired After 2 Weeks

    Don't let the circumstances sway you from your path. You are and will be a great ED nurse if that's where your heart is. Think of it as their loss and not yours. As one door closes another pne opens. I worked as a Trauma PCU/ICU nurse and can tell from my experience that Ortho is not a an easy floor. Sounds like these Ortho monkey just did not want to train you. Well, they have to then face high attrition rates. I mean who wants to lift a 300-pound patient in skeletal traction?