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  1. Estateboy

    shut off at 75

    Chill I had the worst 2 days of my life after NCLEX...second guessed every freeking answer an was too scared to try to reapply . Sitting with the wife at the YMCA after a workout and checked on my phone after paying a fee. I cried like a baby for the next 5 minutes after I saw I had passed...Yep shut off at 75 questions.
  2. Estateboy

    265 questions is almost guaranteed if your a male.

    Ummm Male here. 75 and pass first time.
  3. Estateboy

    Nurse Bullying

    I made a med error. Not only was I embarrassed because I caused a error-ed (med was prepared wrong and wasn't given), but the charge nurse made the error "announcement" while the nurse supervisor and the DON and two other nurses, were huddled around the station. Now I'm embarrassed AND i'm being being humiliated. What is it called when your charge nurse (whom you never got along with) goes to OTHER nurses in OTHER departments, to inform them of your dumb med error you made that day?
  4. Estateboy

    Took My NCLEX yesterday 75 Questions - Help?

    STOP!!! You passed! Congratulations! I had exact same experience and passed! Good luck on your career.
  5. Estateboy

    Need to vent and process this

    Being on both sides of the fence, I've had the "God complex" attitude from ER nurses directed at me personally. They lighten up when I tell them I'm also a Med-Serg RN but that attitude can come anyone. It doesn't matter the profession... bad attitude is bad attitude.
  6. Went to nursing school at 50 years old! Started my first Med-Surg job at a small hospital 5 months ago. You got this. Just bring your running shoes to work because it can get busy but options are endless for different types of nursing. PS I also have a bachelors of business degree and ran a successful company for 9 years before selling it to my largest client.
  7. Estateboy

    RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

    Having owned a successful business and been an employer (10-25 employees) and now an employee (I've been an RN for only 4 months), the two most important factors to job satisfaction are: What you do and who you work for/with. Money and benefits are number 3 and 4. Your boss and the pressure they bring are vital to retaining good employees. All is well, now, working at a small Med-Surge unit but I don't know if I will be here in 2 or 3 years. Best thing about this career is ...if you don't like your job, find another.
  8. WOW! I could have written that post! I've been an RN for three months and am so glad you posted your thoughts. I also work at a very small med-surg floor and find myself asking experienced nurses lots of questions and have never been given grief for doing so.
  9. Estateboy

    Ambulance call

    Nice job on both! IN EMS, no neck pain or shoulder pain means no backboard (unless you're the only survivor in a multi-fatality MVA then consider mechanism of injury). I'm actually interviewing for a school nurse job on Tuesday as a substitute. I work med -surg now but I'm also a new nurse but paramedic for 20+ yrs prior.
  10. Estateboy

    Reporting med errors...

    Ive only been a RN for 3 months and have made 2 errors. Missed a scheduled eye drop once and didn't give a scheduled, oral medications to a pt being discharged to home. Spoke with my manager about it and she said she had made more than one error. One involved giving the 20u of Humalog when the order was for 20u of Lantis. Far more mistakes are made than are reported...I've seen it. Until we are replaced by robots, errors will occur. And if robots do replace us, the robots will make mistakes. You should be fine.
  11. Estateboy

    It's all good except for...

    well.... I actually know here husband. LOL not gossip.
  12. Estateboy

    It's all good except for...

    Correct..and I love learning new things and I think that is evident to most of the staff there.
  13. Estateboy

    It's all good except for...

    the top three reasons people stay in a job is because they: 1) like what they do and find their work meaningful. 2) enjoy the people they work with 3) benefits and money. I, like you, want a job where I enjoy going to work and the people we work with (and for) are the largest part of that. I'm disappointed not because I was looking for kum-bi-ya moments with my co-workers, but I was hoping for an adult atmosphere and unfortunately where I work, ain't always it. NO workplace is perfect but I would have thought the leadership of the unit would deal with the pettiness or maybe not. All good advise JKL33 and I already do much of it thanks
  14. Estateboy

    It's all good except for...

    Her hubby walked away from her for a younger and thinner woman. She also told a male pt that if he didnt want to swallow a pill she can shove it up his %*$. That got reported to the supervisor. I was told she treated another male nurse the same way. He quit.
  15. Estateboy

    It's all good except for...

    "patients" ****! maybe I am an idiot. The original post has been edited. FYI