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  1. BON being questioned

  2. MSNBC Host, Another "Behar Insult"

    I got confirmation Ruhle knows of nurses displeasure at her comment.
  3. MSNBC Host, Another "Behar Insult"

    I found a news service that has the full show. The RN comment begins at 11:55 https://topnewsshow.com/msnbc-live-with-stephanie-ruhle-12-7-20/
  4. MSNBC Host, Another "Behar Insult"

    Thank you for responding. I'm trying to get nurses that missed it informed. Glad you saw it. I've posted on several nursing sites. It is out in the Twitter, too. I've written tv shows, news organizations, etc. Amazing that NJ Commissioner of Health r...
  5. MSNBC Host, Another "Behar Insult"

    Yesterday morning, Stephanie Ruhle was interviewing Gov Murphy of New Jersey. Toward the end of the segment, she ask him if he was going to "upgrade the commission as the head was (only) an RN." This implies the commissioner was not qualified and sh...
  6. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    In healthcare HR are known as management KGB. Good luck with that.
  7. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    I know two lawyers who cover NY, NJ, Penn, Fla, Mass, Ca. and they may have trusted associates in other states. I heard Texas is very active state for legal advice on this.
  8. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    So far, not one of the tv talking heads has responded. I've seen them all repeat the same stories. The print media is best for local firings of nurses and doctors. A national/international story will get tv talking specifically about managers firing ...
  9. RN Disciplined While Waiting On Covid 19 Result

    It took Covid to get the world, media and lawyers to notice we exist. The cavalry is on the way. Keep your eye on the news and watch those administrators have to change their drawers.
  10. Unit is Total Chaos

    What does your contract company say? Have you created a paper trail of your concerns. Citing safe harbor I know of only one state that has that. I have used that. It gives you protections while you await peer review. But, if the committee is stacked ...
  11. Wrong site surgery waiting to happen

    Look at your nurse practice act. You have a duty to report. Hopefully, you created a paper trail with emails, etc. Like the other comment recommended, report to state since you did not get an appropriate response, internally. If Joint Commission, rep...
  12. Devastated and Disappointed

    Another tragic epitaph due to the failure of the system to address the causes of nurses burn out and. the high washout rate. Studies have identified a rate from 30-50 percent by the 5th year. New nurse's exit their first job 60 percent in first year....
  13. New Grad Loses Job at 3 Months

    I have worked pediatric OR but not oncology. I can only imagine who difficult that unit might be. I suspect you are right in that your preceptor did not provide enough guidance and feedback. Maybe a classic case of " see one, do one, teach one." This...
  14. New Grad Fired After 2 Weeks

    Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and Labrador "The importance of providing a comprehensive orientation program for new graduate nurses is well documented (Godinez et al., 1999; Hernandez, 2001; Kells & Koerner, 2000; Proehl, 2002...
  15. New Grad Fired After 2 Weeks

    Dear New Grad, Here is a good article on recommended standards for nursing orientation. Page not found | ARNNL Based on this information I think you could report the leadership or hospital to regulators and the state board of nursing under which the...