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  1. Hi Nurse Beth,

    I was hoping to get your opinion/explanation on Clinical Informatics, Clinical Document Specialist, and any other pertinent position. I just interviewed for a Clinical Abstractor job but they wanted me there 5 days/week and I live an hour away from the site. I offered to commute 3 days/week and work 2 days remote but they balked at that idea. Can't these positions be performed as a hybrid onsite and remote? My strengths are charting and I am very detailed oriented. I have 5 years hospital experience and a BSN.

    Dear Wants to Work Remotely,

    Some employers are firmly against remote employees, some allow it...and over the years, the same employers may reverse their position on the issue.

    If you want to break into a non-bedside role, you may consider taking a job even if it's non-remote to build your skills and learn the role. Your strengths of being detail-oriented and documenting are good, and you still need on the job training.

    Then after a couple of years, you will have more bargaining power and negotiate.

    Best wishes,
    Nurse Beth

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  3. by   Quickbeam
    I'm a 30 year RN and I do case management. I'd love to work part time (I'm 62) and from home. However the job that I have is rigid on those points. They want 5 days a week in the office at specific times. I make great money and have world class benefits. I tried to push these points and got to the "we love you but if you are not happy here...." discussion.

    So I'm staying. You need to weigh out what the job does for you and how inconvenient the parts are that you don't like. Employers all have deal breakers and they vary job to job. I've never had a job that was 100% perfect. You need to assess what you can live with and what you need from a job. Best wishes!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I work from home as an RN case manager for an insurance company. However, I am expected to occasionally report to the main office for in-person meetings. I am also expected to visit healthcare facilities in my metro area to gather data.

    You may wish to apply for work-from-home positions posted by major insurance companies. Many of these entities will train the right nurse.
  5. by   amoLucia
    to Quickbeam - very sensible and on-spot.
  6. by   vt prn
    While I realize that your goal is to work remotely, you must realize that jobs exist for the benefit of the employer first and if the job they have is not a job that is to be performed from home, then you cannot wish it so just to satisfy your needs. Asking the opinion of a career advisor does not change this fact. Seek out jobs that are already remote jobs and you will have a much less frustrating job search and I think you will come across less all-about-me oriented.
  7. by   3ringnursing
    I worked as a telephone triage RN from home a few years ago - it was great. That's another home based nursing job to check out.