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obamacare survives, supreme court rescues ‘big health’ just a quick comment on the supreme court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the obama healthcare legislation, i.e. that the single mandate stands. i... Read More

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    democracy now! special: supreme court upholds healthcare overhaul, individual mandate

    ... amygoodman: karen higgins is standing outside the supreme court right now. she’s a nurse and co-president of national nurses united. overall, it looks like the supreme court, with the support of chief justice roberts, has decided to uphold the patient protection and affordable care act, president obama’s law. your response, karen higgins?

    karenhiggins: well, i think that—what i think this hopefully does is open the debate once again about, clearly, where are we going with healthcare. this bill is not healthcare. this bill is basically health insurance. it does not cover everybody in this country. there are millions of people that still do not have health insurance. it isn’t, to us, going to make a difference. some people, you can mandate them to be insured, but if they can’t afford it, if the discussion is, if i need to feed my children and put a roof over my head, you know what? i’m not going to have insurance, if those are going to be my priorities in an economy right now that is just devastating.

    so, what we hope is that this will open the door for us to really talk about, as we—you know, a true medicare-for-all system. we do this for our elderly. we take care of them when they’re over 65. we’ve had this program for over 40 years. it’s very cost-containing. it actually runs well. we think this needs to be expanded out for everyone in this country.

    the only ones that are making out, unfortunately, on this bill are insurance companies and drug companies. we still are going to see more and more people that i see coming into the ers, that end up in icus, where i work, because why? they couldn’t afford medications. they couldn’t go to a doctor, because they couldn’t afford it. and these are people that have healthcare. you know, when you look at it with—between co-pays, deductibles, these are a large chunk of change to some people who are struggling every day to make ends meet. so, an opt of not going to a doctor because you can’t afford those costs, you end up in an icu. this is not acceptable in this country.

    so, you know what? this happened, but what we really hope will come out of this is that we will now truthfully have a very strong debate on what is really healthcare in this country and what is health insurance, and what is the best thing for people in this country. and that would be true healthcare. ...

    watch democracy now! special: supreme court upholds healthcare overhaul, individual mandate
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    I am completely politically ignorant, I know how this will effect me personally but will someone tell me how it will effect nurses?
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    Quote from NRSKarenRN

    don't have a password for that link.
    Try this site:
    Supreme Court health care decision (full text) - The Washington Post
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    Quote from babyRN.
    I was ecstatic when I found out. My husband was disgruntled, however, only because we don't have single-payer health care like he does in the UK. I told him, baby steps, my dear.

    I'm just getting my UK nursing license now and spent quite a bit of time learning about their nationalized health care. It was quite fascinating. They even have a bill of rights document that specifically states that the care given to patients is not affected by their ability to pay. I nearly cried when I read that. Such a beautiful statement. They have their problems, of course, but it is still much better than our system.

    One of my best friends from high school had various health issues and talked to me about some serious GI symptoms she was experiencing on top of her asthma. I told her to go to the ER. "babyRN, I can't! I only need one more month before my insurance will kick in without pre-existing conditions. If I go now, I'll have to start all over again and I can't afford my insurance rates going up." Luckily, she's fine. But that is one of the most horrid things I've ever heard of and honestly, the Europeans have a right to look their noses down at us and ask Americans like me while taking my nursing course over there whether people really die in America because of lack of health care and aren't we ashamed of ourselves?

    Yep. Pretty ashamed. Until now...
    I don't agree. I am from Europe, lived there most of my life and decided to get my nursing degree in the States. I will never go back to their nationalized health care. What you read is not real, just bunch of the words to make them feel better about themselves. Ordinary people just suffer there.
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    I am so excited!!!!

    Health care is not a privilege it is a RIGHT!!!!

    Example - I just bought a brand new car, no driving hx and/or no previous accidents. I have NO choice but to buy car insurance because it is the law. If I get caught driving without insurance or an accident I have now racked up thousands of dollars in debt....................WITHOUT insurance - the car I hit is totaled and I have no way to pay for their car or mine, SO......what happens - the insurance company of the other car will have to pay to have their car fixed/replaced and will sue me for the money (which I don't have and most likely will never have). The other car's owner insurance rate will go up and to off set cost average prices for insurance will go up.

    WHY are premiums going up (at least one reason, I know there are others) - b/c I was irresponsible and did not buy car car insurance or bought it for one month so I could drive the car off the lot and then cancelled.

    Is the insurance companies taking away my constitutional rights by making me buy insurance. Is the state taking away my constitutional rights by imposing fines on me for not buying insurance. Is government/state taking away my constitutional rights by imposing my car...........I should have the right not to buy car insurance and pay the bill for the totaled car when it comes in the mail because I have $20,000 dollars in my bank account that I can't wait to give the insurance company.

    Just think if everyone bought car insurance and the premiums were lower I may have been able to afford to pay, right?

    I don't know if this law is going to be the saving grace to our health care problems but isn't is a start, isn't worth exploring? I mean we haven't tried it yet. I have tried several different ways to make my meatloaf and I am still trying to find a way to make it work.

    Now I know car insurance and health insurance or two different things. I know, I know, I know!!!!!! It was just a thought
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    Quote from mihaSK
    I don't agree. I am from Europe, lived there most of my life and decided to get my nursing degree in the States. I will never go back to their nationalized health care. What you read is not real, just bunch of the words to make them feel better about themselves. Ordinary people just suffer there.
    I live in the UK for years and LOVED it. There was such a peace of mind knowing that I didn't have to choose between taking care of family or taking care of my health.

    Not to mention France has the #1 rated healthcare system.

    What part of Europe are you from?
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    I'm very happy this act was upheld. As a Massachusetts resident and PCP, I have seen how our state's mandate has made healthcare more available to people over the last few years. People are now getting annual physicals and seeking treatment for potentially serious conditions in a timely matter. ER visits for minor complaints declined. I'm hoping thiese trends spread nationwide. Obamacare is far from perfect, but it has the potential to make a huge difference.
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    One thing I am sure all of us can agree with with.......

    When I had my first child in the UK I was young, dumb, and alone. I had no idea how to take care of a baby.

    My midwife came to my house everyday to help me care for the baby and teach me how to do it myself. My husband travelled for work and was not always home so I needed as much help as possible.

    After I felt comfortable the midwife turned me over to the health visitor. A health visitor is the equivalent to a ANRP in America. She came to my house 2-3x a week (she could more days but that was all I felt like I needed). She taught me how to cook, clean, sterilize, prepare food, freeze food, breast feed, put baby to sleep, swaddle baby(I had no idea what that was at the time ) , etc. When it was time to transition to solids she came with equipment for me to keep with everything I need to make and store food.

    You might think, did I get that for some special reason..........NOPE, everyone gets it no matter of social status.

    Just think how many young parents could benefit for the service. Not just young mothers - all mothers. When you are alone you are more prone to postpartum depression and other complications.
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    Quote from Esme12
    I'm cautious .....there is a middle class struggling. Unemployed and underemployed losing their homes beating the pavement trying to stay in their homes. Struggling to make it day to day, they can't put gas in their tanks and food on the table. For the first time in history there are more poor in the suburbs.......40 % of middle class americans struggle to keep a roof over their heads and can't afford to pay another bill. THey have too much money for medicaid but not enough to get by.....making them pay any additional money will plunge them into darkness. I will benefit because they now can't throw me away or deny me because I am ill........but I remain concerned. I see insurance co getting more money in their pockets and the hospital getting more payments. I see the struggling having to pay more taxes drown under the weight of it all. What is the government going to do with all the penalties/tax they collect for those who don't have insurance? Bail out more banks? I remain skeptical, time will tell.
    Indeed, the middle class is struggling and fighting against extinction. What they cannot afford is health insurance outside of this provision or a health encounter in our expensive system without insurance.

    Doing nothing is not a good plan for our country...this reform is a start in a very needed reform of our health system.
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