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Read more: Nurses Masquerading as Doctors What do you guys think about this idiot, and the ignorant nonsense he is blabbering over on fox news? Kind of insulting to those of us who have spent years pursuing advanced degrees... Read More

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    [QUOTE=Hampter320;6124759 A patient escort sitting in an exam room with a patient during a history and physical exam is a blatant HIPPA violation and I promise you no physician would allow it on a regular basis, unless every single patient provides written documentation that it's ok for you to be there with them. So I call BS.[/QUOTE]

    *** What is a patient escort? Something very different than a nurse orCNA? My doctors will absolutly NOT be alone in a room with a patient. When they go in we (RNs or CNA) go in. If we can't then they wait for us. This is an ER.
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    I joke with my husband that I want to be called Doctor Nurse one day. Although I'm not sure I'd pursue a DNP if I had another choice but by the time I'm done with my BSN, I'm sure most of the NP programs will be converted over to DNP.

    I think of Physician as the title that is valid for a MD, correct?

    I mean we have clinical doctors in other professions like physical therapy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, podiatry, chiropractic care, etc, I don't see the big deal about DNP. Then there are D.O. doctors which I only learned about fairly recently, do MDs have an issue with them being called Doctor?

    I don't know, it would seem confusing to me as a patient to think everyone as nurse from the LVN to the NP. Their roles are obviously quite different but they are 'nurse'.

    I personally don't care about titles so it doesn't matter to me in terms of a title but there are lots of Doctors who aren't MDs and are clinical Drs.
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    This doctor talks like he is unsure of himself and he is intimidated by the fact that nurses are highly educated professionals that did not have to spend 8 to 10 yrs in medical school. Nurses do not compare to doctors we have two different scopes of practice but we all should be on the same team with one goal in mind which is to help patients cope with their illnesses and to promote healing. I have a problem with any one who makes other people feel like they are way less important because they have lesser education. I have seen so many doctors who walk around with an arrogant and egotistical attitude and some of them are not approachable, but on the other hand , I have met some doctors who are really down to earth, humble and kind. Doctors and nurses are important to healthcare, one can not function without the other and for those doctors that feel like they can do it all by themselves, let them imagine healthcare without nurses, it would be total chaos, the heaalth care system would shut down, it would be a big mess!!!! So, I don't have to have a medical degree to know that I, as a nurse make a difference and is a valued member of healthcare.
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    I would take a NP with years of experience over a doctor straight out of medical school. But this guy has a very legitimate point. Nurses are not doctors, especially those of us that haven't gone for advanced degrees. Medical school IS 10x harder than nursing school and only the most elite get into medical school (not at all true of nursing programs). I'm so sick of the inferiority complex of this profession. You can be proud of being a nurse for a lot of reasons (I think nurses are the backbone of pt care and are generally more compassionate care-givers) but we did not go through the schooling doctors went through and we should recognize that fact.
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    I prefer to see the most competent professional, be it an MD, DO, NP or PA. I've seen good and bad of all of these. There are MDs that I would never see again, there are NPs that are tops and everything in between. Some people are just gifted practitioners and some are not. The letters after the name are not the most important thing. I think most of the learning comes during practice, after the schooling anyway.
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