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Call it too many early days and late nights of endless job searching leading nowhere. After 100+ applications and 9 months post-NCLEX with my RN with no interviews and no offers, I am ready for something different. I think more... Read More

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    If you pedal through California, I'm in for the adventure! Passed NCLEX in June 2011, off work since September, total hip replaced in January, so that puts me 9 months as a registered nurse with no nursing job! Hip is good, I've been spinning at the gym and ready for the road bike

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    Put a resume on and your phone will not stop ringing. Do it and tell us your results.
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    Quote from AndyB
    Put a resume on and your phone will not stop ringing. Do it and tell us your results.
    Ok, done. I don't take much stock in web-based tools because I think they are mostly used for marketing and third party research purposes, but my info and resume is now posted at monster. Thanks for the advice.
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    An update on this: I landed a job in the last month. Basically I learned a few things: It may be a long search or a short one for your first job depending. I may have made life tough for myself post-grad/licensure by looking far and wide rather than in my own back yard. Go with the network you have to land your first job. I think after you get experience 1-2 years it will be much easier to find jobs through the posts online. But don't waste your time. I probably sent in somewhere between 100-200 app's during 10 months of fruitless searching until I landed a job through a friend and his family contact at a psych hospital. In fact I got the job offer as I was filling out the application! It can be brutal for new grads right now as you probably know. Lesson learned: start from where you are and who you know.

    I'll be pedaling, but just short trips around my area for now as I learn the ropes of being an RN. Good luck to all.
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