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With the current news over gun control and gun rights legislation being pushed through Congress as a result of the tragedies of Aurora, CO, Newtown, CT and the others like them, the thought of... Read More

  1. by   RunBabyRN
    Quote from armyicurn
    Sounds like moving to a different state might make your day...
    Believe me, my husband has mentioned it more than once! Hopefully this court ruling will rule in our favor and allow for those of us who choose to abide by the law to make our own choices about concealed carry.
  2. by   akulahawkRN
    Quote from RunBabyRun
    Sadly, this case is being reheard, so everything is on pause once again. Those of us who advocate for legal concealed carry in CA are on pins and needles waiting for the new ruling.
    Sonoma County Sheriff's Department | License to Carry a Concealed Weapon
    The 3 judge panel has not actually decided to re-hear the case, nor has the 9th Circuit decided to hear the case en banc. They're weighing 2 things: whether to allow the Attorney General to substitute as appellee and whether she has standing to request an en banc hearing, if they allow her to substitute. There is a stay in place, but that particular stay doesn't appear to also stay the case for purposes of allowing the circuit court to take the case en banc themselves. Responses are due on some motions within 21 days. There shouldn't be a long wait.

    In any event, this specific topic is best discussed on forums that have subject matter experts on this stuff, not here.
  3. by   Charlie Don't Surf
    I've had a CCW for 14 years and will carry as an RN (once I'm through school). Just because I know how to help save lives does not mean I have to lay my life down without a fight-

    I also vehemently respect others that choose not to carry, and see just as many people sleep soundly without a CCW as do with.