Hello anybody out there? HIV+ Nurses

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    Is this a new forum? or one I just never noticed before?
    I know there are nurses working with disabilities,why are there no threads?
    If it's a new forum I'll start out,I am an LPN and I am HIV+,was dx'ed with AIDS a few years ago,CD4 count of 5, and PCP.I have been hoping to get in contact with any other + nurses.
    Is there anybody out there?
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    Brand new forum... minutes old, in fact. Enjoy!
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    Nope, not me, but I wanted to say hello and hope you find some other folks who share your special concerns.
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    Welcome to this new forum, herecomestrouble. Give it a little time....others will find it and your post. A forum long overdue.

    Best wishes.

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    I am not HIV+, but HCV+. but also wonder how others cope with such a bloodborne virus. I'm curious, does your employer know? I understand that we cannot be discriminated against, but realistically we can be.

    I'm sorry about your dx and wish you well with your health and your career!
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    The DON and two others in mgmt know and some of the staff,disclosing my status is not a big issue with me as I am an HIV /AIDS peer educator and so spent a lot of time giving talks that start out"Hi my name is Terry and I am HIV+"I did not originally tell anyone about my dx when I applied for the job though since I figured nobody would hire me but it came up when I was getting a yearly TB test done and the nurse giving me the test didn't put on gloves.
    In my training as an AIDS educator we touched on HCV but I don't know as much about it as I should.
    Good luck to you too!
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    Hi again, I would like to talk with you privately. I'm pretty new on this site and sometimes see an icon to send email but not on yours. Can you send me a private message?
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    To send an email, just click on the persons name, then click on "view public profile". That page (in the lower right quad) has an email link.
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    Caymen.I sent you a private message,there should be an envelope blinking at the top of the page,just click it and you will get the message
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    yes there are many rn's out there and we are reading !! we hope you are well and we ALL hope each of us are going to have a goooood day. keep writing....it is a good thing !!!

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