Are you feeling overwhelmed with work?

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    Many of us have experienced a feeling of being overwhelmed. It doesn't happen often but when it does it can happen quickly.

    How do you calm down when feeling overwhelmed by stress?"

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    I take 3 minutes.. sometimes it is in the restroom

    Focus, breathe and remind myself .. I'm not a patient.... yet.
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    this totally reminds me the days when i was working in icu/ccu the only time i had to myself was when i pleaded to go to the restroom @ times in the patient room because i didn't had the time to go all the way to staff bathroom that seem to be always ocupied :uhoh21:
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    Been there, Done that! Many times. LOL
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    Been there, lived that, got the stress wrinkles to prove it
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    I wish people would quit taking my user name in vain
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    Back in the dinosaur days of 1980's, our Respiratory/Telemetry unit was equipped with ceiling mounted IV pole on a track above patients bed. After my nursing cap became entangled in multiple IV tubing's for the 5th time that night, cap came off, never to be worn again. Few years later when IV pumps came out, ceiling poles also disappeared.
    Last year, I returned to my this 14 bed unit for a visit, only to find it was turned into Nursing Administration wing. Unit moved to different floor as now 32 beds. These memories were the idea behind this cartoon.

    First 3 months new year are most stress filled in homecare as patients insurance policies changed recking havoc with documentation and authorizations (need new episodes of care when patients change from Manged Care Insurance to Medicare or vice versa). Knowing that I can play at AACN's yearly convention at Allnurses booth is my stress reliever along with cup of Constant Comment tea.
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    I reminded my co-nurse about our planned coffee and talk after the shift. That eased the stress.
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    Relax. Count to ten. Call for assistance. Carefully trace each IV line and mark which one corresponds to which infusion. Untangle the lines and straighten the patient's bed. Are you feeling calmer now? Ever noticed how the sight of untidy patients works on your nerves, and how satisfying it is to see them nicely neatened up, bed covers straightened and everyone looking comfortable? It's a real stress reliever, isn't it? Must be something to do with nursing's military origins - there seems to be a bit of the sergeant-major in each and every one of us!

    Hey, I just gave some great advice! Have to remember this and try practicing it on Monday....
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    Quote from been there,done that
    i wish people would quit taking my user name in vain
    i was waiting for that one..... that's the reason i restrain from using the a matter of fact i was about to write "wait for it"...then you wrote your statement... :d
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