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You Can Run But You Can't Hide

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  2. 4 Do you ever feel like running away on your days off...... to a faraway land.....where the hospital can't find you? You know how it goes. You have your day off planned, when the telephone rings. The caller ID shows it is the hospital. What are some of the creative excuses you have used to avoid going in on your day off?
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    NO. Works like a charm.
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    You should never have to come up with an excuse not to come in to work on your day off! Take off, don't answer the phone if it's work. Recharge and enjoy your life.
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    The art of just saying NO works for me too.
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    I have my hospital's number saved in my phone...
    And the ringer is silent -- vibrate is off, too.
    Takes away the pressure of answering when I don't even know it happened
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    just say "no"!! &, if you can't do that- just don't answer the phone! we all deserve our time off!
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    yeah...that's me...too wimpy to say no, so I just don't answer the phone.
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