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Would you work on your day off?

  1. 7 What do you do when you are called at home to work on your day off?

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    In the past, I have come into work on my day off. I rarely do it as I prefer to have my days off. Have I gone to work at other jobs on my day off, absolutely. The other job that I had that I went to was greatly different from the primary job, therefore each job was, in effect, a break from the other.

    In my humble opinion, I personally think that if you're going to take a second job, it should be so different from your "normal job," that you should be able to look at it as a weekend off from your primary job. You may end up working seven days a week, but, if that second job is restful, you can avoid burnout.

    I did precisely that for about 2 1/2 years: I worked my primary job five days a week, and my secondary job was on my days off, and because both jobs were so different, I was completely able to not get burnt out. My wife on the other hand, was not so happy, because I was not home very often.

    However, in the instance of being called in to work on your day off, make sure it's definitely worth your while. And don't do it often enough that your managers will think, "oh yeah, this person will come in without a problem, every time, so we called that person first." You want to be on the call list, but you don't want to think that you are "the go to person" for filling an open schedule slot.
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    No. I never go in on my day off. Never. My days off are my days off. I work most of my "on" days short-staffed and over-worked.
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    Ignore the phone call.
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    Thank goodness for caller ID...
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    When I worked for a manager that I liked and respected, I worked all the time. If she called, I went in. She called once while I was in a restaurant with family, dressed in a skirt and boots. I told her I didn't have scrubs, she said she didn't care, and I went to work like that and worked 6 hours. My last job, I despised the manager and administration, and I NEVER worked on my off days. I rarely even picked up the phone when they called.
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    Nope, not when I've been working 60hrs/wk for the past month.
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    If you like your Nurse Manager or Supervisor and your peers, and if you are a unit that works as a team (few and far between) then yes I have worked many an off day. But if you do not get respect as a professional, yes, don't answer the phone. Unfortunately, I have been on the management side of Nursing too, and if if you respect your staff and treat them the way they should be treated, most will walk through fire for you.
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    yes many times. i have gone in 5 12s in a week. i work nights and if i only have one night off, i might as well go to work depending on how much i want to sleep and what is on tv that night!
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    I have 2 jobs. And in the past, anytime I was called would go in to either job. Now though, my husband is in school, and so he can't always watch our daughter at the drop of a hat. So unless I can quickly round up a babysitter, I don't go in at the drop of the hat. I find I enjoy staying home with our daughter. I love my schedule. I work the weekends and one weekday and am home with my daughter the rest of the week.
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    I have, when they offered bonus pay and it was overtime. Not very often, and not in over a year now.

    I got annoyed not long ago when a "higher-up" commented on the great team-work because people were so willing to work extra shifts, etc. You know something? When I am at work, I WORK. I really do. I work hard the whole shift, and support my teammates however I can. I work with a pretty good bunch.

    My days off are mine, and I don't feel bad in the least for keeping them for myself. Besides, when they are really desperate they will offer more money for the extra shifts =) Otherwise, it isn't worth it to me.
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    I work .5 so I will pick up.....if I like the person who is calling and asking.
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    Depends. If I want to, I do...if I don't feel like it, I don't. Typically if work calls I let it go to voicemail and then call back after I've made a decision. If I'm asked in person I almost always ask if I can think about it/get back to them just because I don't want to look like someone who will always work at the drop of a pin. In a general sense I'd prefer to pick up extra time on a day I'm already working rather than come in another day.