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We all have bad days. I remember when I was new, bright eyed, bushy tailed, rampantly sarcastic (look, some things never change, alright?) and I used to look about and wonder why in the world it never seemed like the most... Read More

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    Great article; I love your metaphors; Please post a coffee spew warning at the top of your next piece.
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    "Only *real* nurses have worn the mesh panties"!!!
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    You should write a book, I'm sitting here cracking up, and can actually picture everyone starring and laughing at your torn pants. What a day, you poor thing. You rock! I love your sense of humor, I also have a good sense of humor it is what makes me survive. I use to waitress for well lets just say a long time. One time on a busy hot summer afternoon at a high end restaurant I might add, I was loading up a tray of dirty dishes, well low and behold I tried with all might to get that tray up in the air and OH YEA you guessed it, I dropped the whole tray. Every customer was starring at me, I just took a bow and said I'm here most nights for this act, please come back and visit anytime. They all applauded, I laughed as well. Then I had help from other staff and we cleaned up the mess. I wasn't embarrassed, we all have moments like these, we have to grin and bare it, it's what gets through those tough times.
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    Awesome story. Enjoyed reading it as my professor talks about how to perform a community health assessment
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    You are an amazing writer! From a newbie who often wonders "How do they no freak out"....Thank you!
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    WELCOME...to the real world. You WILL mature, and develope a thick skin. No matter whether your dealing with a irate patient, staff or manager...flip them the bird behind their back. lol
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    Fabulous post. I really enjoyed reading it. I SO LOVE the line " I pretend therefore I am." Love it!
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    Such a great read! I'm not a nurse yet (currently in the process of applying for school) and work at an outpatient clinic. I am very much looking forward to someday having tales such as these... maybe sans the shredded pants.
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    I loved it!! Thank you for sharing your story! Truely inspiring!
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    THANK YOU FOR THIS!! I am fairly new in a busy ER and feel like this a lot of times! Each day is a learning experience and you really do have to just sit back and laugh sometimes! I loved your post, it was very encouraging and uplifting! Makes me feel good that other people have crazy days too!
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