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  1. Dpeterson777

    New Grad Starting in ED - Advice on Good Assessments

    I am also starting as a new grad in ER next week! This is so exciting! I am nervous about starting in ER but am looking forward to it. I always liked ER from volunteering there and during clinicals. I think we will learn SO much this next year. Good luck to everyone, lets share stories of how much we learn once we start : )
  2. Dpeterson777

    New Grad applicant walked on a unit today...

    My advice is to get to know the recruiters! They are the gate keepers and will get you access to the managers. Trust me, this is the best way to get an interview! You can walk in and talk to them or call and make an appointment. Once you meet them you can ask how the managers feel about you going to the units. Some love this and look at it as determination. Others HATE it, so you have to be careful. Sorry you had such a bad experience. Don't take it personally, just imagine how many people she has probably had drop in on her. This is hard because the managers really depend on the recruiters to weed people out and send them the best. Don't give up and don't lose your determination. Just re-focus it. Start getting in touch with the recruiters. Email the managers, if you can get a hold of their email addresses OR call them. This is much less aggresive and still shows your determination.
  3. Apply everywhere! It can't hurt. Worst-case-scenario you can practice your interviewing skills! I went on several interviews for jobs I ended up not wanting but it def. boosted my confidence in interviewing and realizing what I DID want! BEst of luck to you.
  4. Dpeterson777

    Question about what to expect for a ER interview?

    Yes!!! So glad to hear another happy story!! I'm there too. Just finished ACLS and getting ready to be an Emergency Nurse! SO SCARY and so EXCITING at the same time. I know we will do great. Just imagine how much we will know after our first year : )
  5. Dpeterson777

    Question about what to expect for a ER interview?

    Yay!! Hope they pick you! Interviewing can be SO stressful. Keep us posted. Now for the waiting game!!
  6. Dpeterson777

    Question about what to expect for a ER interview?

    So, my cousin is an RN in the ER and she was on the panel to interview new grads at her hopsital. She told me to study major cases like Abdominal Aortic Anuerysms, Stroke, MI, Abdominal pain, DKA, Trauma, spinal cord injury. I googled everything I thought was major, life threatening and read up on nursing care for each. On my latest interview they did not ask one single situation question like this! They asked things like "Tell me about yourself," "What do you know about our hospital," "Tell me about a time a patient was upset and yelled at you," "Tell me about a tough decision you had to make." What I did to prepare was google "behavioral style interview questions for nurses." This helped tremendously. You really do need to have real-life examples of situations. That is what they are going to ask you for. I went on several interviews while in nursing school prior to practicing this style and THEY ALL asked this style of question. Best of luck to you!
  7. Dpeterson777

    Pre-nursing: A Love Story...

    Thanks for sharing! ; (Tear-jerker for sure. Glad to have passionate people join the profession!
  8. Dpeterson777

    Job fair attire??

    I usually wear a nice top (can be short sleeved), slacks, and a pair of nice dress shoes. I don't think a full suit is neccessary. Every job fair I have been to I seemed to be dressed appropriately. I was actually astonished by how many people were under dressed in wrinkly clothes, etc. I would advise not wearing scrubs. Just my two cents! Good Luck. I actually landed an interview because of a job fair. So go prepared to answer questions and sell yourself! Also, know EVERYTHING about the hospital. This is what makes you stand out from the rest.
  9. Dpeterson777

    nursing portfolios, what to do!?

    Hi there. You are right, portfolios are definitely a must nowadays! We were required to make one in nursing school. Here is how mine is constructed: Cover page/table of contents, cover letter, resume, references, letters of recommendation, 1 page copy of certifications, 1 page of an additional certificate in palliative care, lastly an essay I wrote that explains why I chose nursing. Hope this helps and good luck!!
  10. Dpeterson777

    Critique these Interviews for me please

    I have the cheesiest smile on my face right now!! I know how excited you must feel. Hope you love it there!! Congrats!!
  11. Dpeterson777

    Help Sacramento area nursing programs/schools

    Word of advice from a new grad ADN. GET YOUR BSN. No one is hiring ADN's, bottom line. I had solid A's on all of my pre reqs, and graduated with honors in nursing school. Plus I am a phlebotomist with tons of volunteer experience. Doesnt make a difference in this market. I would pick a BSN over any ADN program!
  12. Dpeterson777

    all the links i got bookmarked for NCLEX

    Thanks for sharing the links!
  13. Dpeterson777

    How I Got My Dream Job!

    Tokyorose, what state do you live in? Just trying to get an idea of how saturated the market it there compared to where I'm at in California, which is FULL of new grads! So glad to here your ideas. Thanks for all your advice!
  14. Dpeterson777

    Pharmacology Flashcards (drug cards)

    Thank You SO MUCH! I'm studying for the NCLEX and these are great!
  15. Dpeterson777

    Funny Orientation Story

    LOL. Needed a good laugh! Thanks.
  16. Dpeterson777

    Chose your precepting department VERY carefully!!!

    My school doesn't even allow us to precept in other departments. We have to precept on a med/surg floor. This is a little frustrating because I want to work in the ER, but now I won't be able to have those ER preceptor hours on my resume. But, yes, it does make a difference where you precept. They prefer applicants who have precepted in that department.