What was the most memorable reaction you had from a patient...

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    Sometimes the things that come out of our mouth are not as clear as we intended. What was the most memorable reaction you had from a patient regarding something you said or perhaps did? Please share your stories with us.

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    Good choice!
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    I voted for that one!
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    I was told once to be prepared, "you never seen anything like this before"...wasn't too thrilling
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    I work in the PACU and have seen improvement in patient emergence as propofol has again become available. I was touting the benefits of propofol to a patient the other day, and he looked at me funny, then remarked, "It wasn't so good for Michael Jackson." Open mouth, insert foot...
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    I was a relatively new nurse, age 20 and innocent. Walked into my male patient's room. I guess he was in his late 30s ("old" to me then). Immediately saw that his IV tubing was wrapped crazily around the top rail of his bed. First thing out of my mouth was, "Oh wow, you're really hung!" THEN I noticed that my patient, who was sitting up on the side of his bed, had his gown hiked up and his...uh....business was just swingin' in the breeze. I was mortified. He was complimented. Said, "Thank you, darlin'." And so didn't deserve that compliment.
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    One of my most memorable reactions/remarks from a patient was bittersweet. He was going home on hospice with a fast growing tumor that was going to close off his airway. It was removed once but was now inoperable. He was my patient for 3 days in a row. I changed his trach dressing often. I listened to him and made time for him to vent about his concerns. How much he would miss his wife and kids, how he was learning to accept things. The day I discharged him home he stood up and looked into my eyes and said "Thank you for saving my life". Wow......All I did was listen but it was what he needed then. I hugged him and his wife. I get teary just typing this now. (sorry, I told you it was bitter sweet).
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    "Thank you my *****" after starting an ultrasound IV on a sickle cell patient
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    I'm a white woman, tall at 5'10 and chubbier than I should be. I walked into an elderly patients room with two Filipina nurses who were very tiny. Both of them are less than 5'0 tall and barely 100 lbs if that. The patient got wide eyed when he saw me and said "Wow, you must be a body builder or something??"

    I can only imagine how I looked standing next to them. I didn't know what to say so I just replied.. "Yes, yes sir.. I'm a body builder."
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    I am losing my hair on top...actually getting quite thin now...and I already get the bold person who literally stares at my head (to which I want to say, "Take a picture, it will last longer")...I simply can't wait until the day comes when I get a brutally honest patient who feels they must comment on the issue or demands an explanation!

    Doesn't life just have a way of keeping you humble?
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