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  1. Intermittent Catheterization

    Hi, I was doing an in and out today on a man and had to get another catheter to redo it. I cleaned the area well prior to the first insertion but not before the second insertion, I’m worried. There was another nurse in the room when I left btw. Was w...
  2. Question for RNs - If it is within the scope of nursing practice in your state, do RNs declot hemodialysis catheters (permacaths)? and If yes, where could I find procedure for declotting the arterial side? Many Thanks - frankie
  3. Catheter care

    Anyone can help me, when is the best time to clean the catheter access? Before or after the dialysis?
  4. I know that the amount infused for continuous bladder irrigation must be subtracted from the total emptied from the patient's catheter bag, but is the amount of irrigant infused also a part of the intake for the I&O??
  5. Sometimes the things that come out of our mouth are not as clear as we intended. What was the most memorable reaction you had from a patient regarding something you said or perhaps did? Please share your stories with us. ?
  6. Accessing chest catheter

    Hey everyone, ER nurse crashing your boards... Need help here. We had a dialysis patient present the other night in our ER in a crappy rhythm but pretty stable. One of the other nurses thought nothing of accessing the blue port on her catheter to pus...