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dialysisguy has 7 years experience and specializes in Telemetry/Hemodialysis.

MWF Chronic Dialysis Nurse.

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  1. dialysisguy

    Trying to find my place in nursing & new to dialysis/FMC

    I love FMC!!! Much better than DaVita for me...:typing DG:smokin:
  2. dialysisguy

    Advice Re: job interview with Davita

    I would never go back to a "reuse clinic" with DaVita. Ask you manager if they use a dry pack or reuse dialyzer. (artificial kidney) Ask any dialysis tech or nurse who has worked in a DaVita chonic unit for a few years. They will personally know or have a friend who has experianced one of the two following scenarios. 1. A patient receiving an accidental administration of a sterilant chemical named Renalin. (which can cause instant death) 2. A patient who was accidentally given another person's artificial kidney. (which has was used by another pt duing the prior treatment):zzzzz I love working with FMC because we use dry packs. We throw the used dialyzer away after every treatment. New kidney every time. DG:wink2:
  3. dialysisguy

    Which one Chronic or Home Peritoneal Dialysis?

    Chronic HD with DaVita can be very stressful. I would go and see how the nurses work at the unit first. DG:cool:
  4. dialysisguy

    dilemma between FMC and Davita...which one?anyone?

    I like FMC better than DaVita:typing DG:jester:
  5. dialysisguy

    Meds during dialysis

    It's true that I cannot give the patient her home meds without an order. However, I can get an order from my nephro doc for pain meds at the unit or an order to give a home med while on dialysis. I am surprized that a HD nurse let you take a breakfast tray in his or her space! This area should be clean to sterile. Lots of risk of infection, especially dealing with catheters. We always have D50 for low BS. NO EATING IN MY UNIT! Hope I helped, I was Tele Nurse too... :redbeathe Good Luck, DG:smokin:
  6. dialysisguy

    Gay labeling, is it just plain mean? Or sexual harrassment?

    neeja, my experience in southern california most male nurses i work with are married and have children. i work with a lot a asian guys with nice families. dg :typing
  7. dialysisguy

    Male nurse crying!!!

    never cried over dying pt's... felt sad for families but no tears.
  8. dialysisguy

    some younger male nurses.....

    junebride, i am going to pretend you are joking.:chuckle That post is wrong in so many ways. good one
  9. dialysisguy

    Docs yelling at nurses....

    never been yelled at:typing
  10. dialysisguy

    Common Practice For Acutes Call Back Pay

  11. dialysisguy

    Union For Dialysis Nurses

    Is there one?
  12. dialysisguy

    Am I getting the right pay?

    It's Location Location Location, When working as a Telemetry/MedSurg Traveler with 5 years exp. I made $25/hr plus $1,200/mo stipend in MO. Then, I made $36/hr plus $1,600/mo stipend with the same company in CA 13weeks later. dg:smokin:
  13. dialysisguy

    Common Practice For Acutes Call Back Pay

    Blueskydeepwater, Can you please give me advice for moving to Missouri? I plan on moving to St. Louis in November... What company should I work for? Why r u moving from MO? Is there something I should know before packing my bags? Thanks, dg:typing
  14. dialysisguy

    Accessing chest catheter

    Before working in dialysis I was a Travel Telemetry nurse.:redbeathe I remember coding a dialysis pt with a blood sugar of 26 or something crazy low. The IV was clotted and none of us were able to place a peripheral for before she started to arrest. We could have easily prevented that code if one of us was trained to access the dialysis cath. Maybe the charge or supervisor? ER nurse! of course they should be trained to access the pts "Life Line" They are saving their life...
  15. dialysisguy

    LPN wanting to do dialysis??? where to start?

    Davita will train you for free. I applied on-line and started training the next week. It's hard work but worth the free training.
  16. dialysisguy

    Davita Acute job

    My goal is to start acutes before 2009!