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When I was in nursing school, one thing I always remember hearing the instructors say is straight As are not what makes a good nurse. Theres nothing wrong with getting straight As of course, but it takes a lot more than that... Read More

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    That's very true, A Nurse to me should be, stoic, compassionate, empathetic, and non judgemental.
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    I know I am only a student but this video drives the sort of nurse I want to be. You need to watch from 3:15 to 12min. Have a look:

    My Vision for Nursing - Presentation by Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer NHS CBA - YouTube
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    Quote from KyleLVN
    That's very true, A Nurse to me should be, stoic, compassionate, empathetic, and non judgemental.

    I find it very, very, very depressing to see that the popular vision of excellence in nursing never includes "smart, well-educated, good judgment, expert."
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    I love to see all this debating going on related to addiction. We as a society are just scratching the surface related to Chemical dependency, and mental illness. The two quite often go hand in hand. What saddens me is to hear Nurses say they do not judge, give their hard line opinion, then state they would take care of "Them" anyway. Well, "Them" are someone's Son, Daughter, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Spouse, Friend. Unfortunately, until this horrible disease affects one where it hurts, understanding will not occur. In life, and especially as Nurses, we LEARN compassion through experience, EMPATHY, rather; you either have, or you do not. When you practice Empathy, it doesn't matter what perceived choice your patient made or didn't make. In that moment, they are looking to you to be their advocate. Yes, there are many who abuse the system...How many will be punished out of assumptions, judgement, and personal perspective not left at the door, who simply hurt? We do not know another's story, just as they do not know ours, and unless one CHOOSES to share their story, it's not our business. Focus on the moment, not what we believe led to them being our patient in that moment, and you have an amazing opportunity to extend a Nurses kindness that may just change that persons life. Peace
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    I find a lot of nurses extremely judgemental, particularly of other nurses.