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heather7781 has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Periop nursing.

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  1. heather7781

    Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    But does it Bluetooth? I have electronic ones but I have to take my aids out to use them.
  2. heather7781

    Nursing with a hearing loss: Yes you can!

    I have not been able to find a stethoscope that will Bluetooth to my aids. If you know of any will you please share that information?
  3. heather7781

    The masks are making life hell!

    I am a nurse with moderate hearing loss. I use aids and they help but I find that I lip read a lot. Since covid and masking of everyone for entire shift I am constantly struggling. Being a nurse with hearing loss is hard as it is but this is crazy. A lot of my coworkers are very understanding and try to speak clearly or pull the mask down for a second when possible. But honestly the biggest issue is with the surgeons and anesthesiologists. Many of them are cool about it but many are jerks. If I need them to repeat themselves they don’t bother to hide their irritation. And don’t worry about speaking clearer or louder then the soft mumble they said it in the first time. I honestly have left work close to tears about it. Heck I’m close to tears writing this. These kinds of people really make me feel stupid. As if my stupidity is the reason they think I didn’t understand something. I was written up for the first time ever recently (another post explains) and although I can’t prove it I feel like some of the things in that write up, if it’s true at all, have to do with the providers that treat me this way. I really don’t know if there is anyway to improve this situation for myself. Does anyone else experience this?
  4. heather7781

    *HELP* being accused of gross negligence

    I did turn in a detailed documentation based rebuttal. Almost every thing she accused me of I found documentation to prove was false. The few things I couldn’t we merely “complaints from anonymous providers”. I am requesting a meeting with Human Resources, this manager and the director. I refuse to accept anonymous providers told her abc.. to be used as a reason for write up. She needs to name these people if it’s not her made up BS. Funny thing is I have her my rebuttal statement at 10am yesterday and she never said a word about it. Which is surprising considering what a hot head she is. I am wondering if she decided to throw her write up out, after realizing I could disprove the majority of it, since it was full of lies. I guess we will see. Side note, she decided she to use this timing because I start vacation today and won’t be back until the 3rd or June.
  5. I have worked at my outpatient surgery unit for 8 years and have never had any type of write up. Yesterday my manager called me in to give me 2 page write up with several incidents starting April 23rd! This document contained many outright lies and some creative twists on truth. I didn’t document at all on a cardiac post op. LIE. And I checked back and the documentation is there. She is Also blaming me for a circulating nurse taking my patient to surgery before the Doc had seen her, marked her and updated his history and physical. How is that my fault! She assigns us patient admissions sometimes 30 minutes apart. So I am doing my next admission when the circulator came and took the patient. I did the best I could to watch for her to give report but if I have to be around the corner and down the hall admitting a different patient I am not psychic. Not to mention there was a yellow note on the chart the said H&P wasn’t there. She also quoted practioners meaning other nurses on sure saying I said things that I know for absolute sure I have never and would never say. Like telling a anesthesiologist I didn’t know an answer to a question and telling him to look it up himself. NEVER HAPPENED. This write up accuses me of gross negligence! I’m heartbroken about it. Truly. I love being a nurse and I really do my very best to be the best nurse I can be. I can not tolerate this bunch of lies in my file. What do I do!
  6. heather7781

    RA and nursing

    So I am a outpatient surgery nurse at a small rural hospital. I have been diagnosed with RA which went from mild to bad really quick. Some days are better than others and I'm still working with rhuematologist to find right combination of meds . My question is are there any of you out there experiencing this. I love bedside nursing and I really like my job . However with changes in ownership and such the RN's are having to do all the cleaning of rooms between patients and at the end of the day. This can mean cleaning our 13 rooms several times. Mopping, wiping everything down, making beds , cleaning bathrooms, changing garbage, nurses station, break room and whatever else you can think of. We have one CNA that is used as transport and maid when she is available. No vitals, cleaning up patients , answering call lights, trips to bathroom... Nothing. I am considering going on for my master's because I don't know how long I can keep up patient care and do all the physical work of cleaning the entire unit. Any thoughts? Should I prepare to leave bedside nursing?
  7. heather7781

    What Makes a Great Nurse

    Many of them did not chose to become an addict. There are many people that are dependent but we call them addicts and there is a difference. You will hopefully learn that with experience. People have traumatic, incredibly painful things happen to them, take their medications as prescribed and become addicted to them. Compassion is the key ingredient to understanding the difference!
  8. heather7781

    But all the Nurse is doing is sitting down. Why cant the help?

    For me the problem is when I'm given an attitude, like I'm a jerk, because the cna had to do her job. Just like most other people have said I am happy to help when I have time to. But when I'm busting my butt to care for my patients I really can not accept being scolded by the cna. Which did happen to me recently. She took me aside to ask me why I hadn't cleaned a room and she had to do it. Let me mention that this CNA took a postion as a housekeeper on the unit and no longer even does pt care. The pt's iv site bleed after being removed and she dripped some blood on the floor. I did use a towel and wipe it up but according to this cna I missed some. I must have apologized at least five times. "I'm sorry. I really thought I got it all" and so on. I got the eye roll and told that I'm a jerk because she would never leave a room that way. Not cool. What happened to professionalism and doing your job.

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