Too tired to work - weight of the world on my shoulders

  1. Anyone ever feel too tired to carry anything? When was the last time you felt the weight of the world on your shoulders? Why? What happen?

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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    Dealing with this right now. I don't have the time to work with life issues, but I can't afford not to..
  4. by   artsmom
    Last year I felt exactly like this. I had just started a new job, that I despised. My husband got fired, and could not find another job or collect unemployment, which meant a lot of per diem hours for me, I was in court fighting for money stolen from me, my parents were going through a bitter divorce after 30 years together, it was Christmas time, and a professor tried to accuse me (quite falsely!!!) of plagiarism on a paper, so I was fighting with her as well. I was so stressed all the time, my neck and shoulders hurt constantly.
    However, life went on. I was able to convince my teacher I did not plagiarize anything, I won back my money, my parents split- and I told them both to express their feelings about one another to people besides their children, my husband finally got a job, but in the mean time I learned how to pay our bills with my income alone, and while I still hated my job- I just appreciated the pay increase I received from working there.
  5. by   whichone'spink
    That's how I felt only three months ago, when I was screwed over.
  6. by   eatmysoxRN
    Sometimes when my neck feels broken after a long shift my steth looks about that big.
  7. by   NayRN
    Me too-it was time for me to go, I'd been there 4 years and 5 months, to the day. My first nursing job. Got a lot going on, my family needs me more, so I quit. Yesterday was my last day. I'm the sole income earner for a family of five, my husband has a fledgling business I'm going to help with, and I'm going to look into grad school. I won't be idle, but I won't have to go back to that darn place EVER again! Cashed out the 401K, going to coast for a while and see what happens. Wheeee! (very freeing, but a bit scary at the same time!)
  8. by   echoRNC711
    I recall working double shifts in CVRU where the pt bled all night. As we poured blood in ,blood pouring out. Rushing to pack up pt to the OR and then having to get on all 4 on the bed to straddle pt doing chest compression's while the staff wheeled bed into the OR. Returned to the unit someone else pt coded Resetting up room for pt getting back from OR. Pt returned on bypass machine !! ,too unstable to close the chest. The rest of the night a blur. In the morning I was so tired that while standing at traffic light I had to stop because I couldn't remember which light meant go.
  9. by   rksgray13
    Yes, 2012 from january 1st to present. Husband and I lost 2 jobs a piece this year, home facing foreclosure, filed bankruptcy a few days ago, cshed the pension, applications, agancy nursing, daughter in youth cheerleading, parents with serious health conditions, both vehicles breaking down every other day, a/c went out in March (finally got another one in and paid for), no food and trying to get assistance, depression, a kid with ADHD pushing us to the END of sanity ( no meds or health insurance), and all the while hearing "it'll be ok, You gotta get a job, blah blah", and keeping the home in "clean" condition. We got to a point, that we had almost everything in our home in the front yard to sell just for food money. I had the one job that made me HAPPY and no would wanted to accept that. I "had to be home or make more money or some other excuse" Now I'm facing the only interview at a place I do not want to work. Need money and it's close to home but will be my stepping stone unless something else steps up.
  10. by   boywork
    yes this happens to the best of us, again reflect , and live and learn
  11. by   Do-over
    Everyday lately, nights are getting to me.
  12. by   katiedid53
    Honey, you need a vacation. I thought I had been through alot, then I read about someone who has been through more than me and it make me appreciate my life. So take some time for yourself and enjoy life, because you only have one life.
  13. by   imintrouble
    Doesn't every nurse feel like that?
    Night shift definitely magnifies that.
    That's just at work. Then go home where you have to make half, stretch to double. I'm just glad I have half.
    I sincerely sympathize with those of you who would love to have my job.