Relatives invited themselves for Thanksgiving Day... Relatives invited themselves for Thanksgiving Day... | allnurses

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Relatives invited themselves for Thanksgiving Day...

  1. 11 Don't you just hate it when people drop by unexpected especially on a holiday? Would you prefer to work on Thanksgiving Day or host the uninvited guests? Share your stories...

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    I dont get how people do this, I would never!
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    That is my in-laws They can smell food from miles away. I wonder if they are part blood hound?
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    I work Thanksgiving, and I am not terribly sad about it...
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    I love to entertain so.....I end up inviting half the world anyway! The more the merrier!
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    I love having as many people for holiday dinner as we can fit in the house. My family has always done this. I can remember my grandmother feeding upwards of 30 people at holiday meals - out of a rowhouse kitchen! My son even cooked Thanksgiving dinner every year at college for all his friends who didn't get to go home for the holiday.
    Bring 'em on!