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Off-Duty at Minneapolis Bar, Nurses Save Gunshot Victim Who Staggers In As he yelled for help, he didn't know that great good fortune in the form of six nurses was just a few feet away. Like a... Read More

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    Proof right there that nurses can not only hold their liquor but pressure on a wound. Perhaps even at the same time.

    Yadda yadda yadda--Multi-tasking and all that. Mmhm.


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    How wonderful for those nurses and the victim! Poor nurses, however, who wants to make a bet they were pulling a double shift and just wanted to out for one with some people after work and they had to go to work again!!!! (I know they didn't know each other but I am sure a couple just changed out of there scrubs!)
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    this reminded me of that infamous thread of nurses going out to a bar in scrubs and the fomites
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    Crazy story! Good Job RNs
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    This is a great story.
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    [QUOTE=NurseOnAMotorcycle;7105517]Off-Duty at Minneapolis Bar, Nurses Save Gunshot Victim Who Staggers In

    WOW! This gives me chills and brings a tear to my eye. That kid was unfortunate to be shot but very lucky to stumble upon so many nurses in one place. A greater power definitely guided him there. You guys absolutely ROCK !!!!
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    The luckiest unlucky person
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    Another great reason to be a nurse! Well done and may your tribe increase!
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    Minneapolis nurses to boot! Awesome!

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