Neighbors, friends, and family coming by for nursing advice

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    I'm sure this has occurred to many nurses.

    Have this happen to you? How do you feel about it?

    Please share this with friends and post your comments below!

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    People ask me all the time for my opinion or assessment on something... And I'm just a student!
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    Ditto to Holly! I also get stopped when I'm in the drug store and asked for advice if I'm wearing my school scrubs. They CLEARLY say RN STUDENT on them. Scary....(especially since there's usually a pharmacist within 50 feet to answer the question.)
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    I am a student too and all my friends and family come to me for advice and I love it! I think it's flattering and it speaks to the fact that nursing is the number one trusted profession. The public trusts us and they know all the stuff we have to learn to be a nurse.
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    I'm only PRE-Nursing (start nursing program in June) and my family is all the time asking me stuff! LOL!
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    Yep, I know this feeling! Only trouble is, I get to listen to a litany of complaints, tell them what I think, and advise them to see their PCP..... and then they say "Well, my neighbor/daughter/spouse/etc. had the same thing and it went away." GAAAAAHHHH!!!
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    How about when they ask medical questions about their pets?!! Umm, I'm a nurse, not a vet!!
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    I think the worst is when a family member asks you about a symptom, a test result, how to alleviate a symptom, etc... But in reality, they just want to debate your answer. So now, I tell everyone, except for my husband and kids, that I do not know and they should see their doctor.
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    If it is some one I know and like then I will assess and tell them to go to a doctor. It goes something like "Gee, your finger is really swollen. It seems like it might be infected. You better get to the doctor soon so you don't get really sick from it, if it is an infection." Last time I did this the guy went to the doc and had an immediate I&D done, on big gun antibiotics, etc.

    My kids use my abilities all the time. I have dx a fractured wrist from 200 miles via phone, and a fx skull from 3000 + miles. No matter what I say they all know the last line is "you better see your doctor".

    I won't even listen to complaints if I don't feel like it. I have no problem saying "I am not a doctor, ANP, or even a PA. Go see a real one".
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    When I was in nursing school I always wanted people to know I was going to be one a nurseNow that I am a nurse I never tell people what I do hahaha this is how the conversation goesP: so what do you do for a livingMe: ohhhhh this and that what about you?P: so where do you work?M: ohh down the road you know I'm just too tired to talk about work P: so are you making enough money?Me: yeah I guess maybe I'll go back to school I work here and thereThe last line is my gold gem when talking to people I'm trying to get a service done from like a dentist or contractor lol

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