It was a nurse

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    Who was the person to admit me… a nurse.
    Who prepped me for surgery and ease my fears… a nurse.

    Who held my hand as I went to sleep in the OR…. a nurse.
    Who greeted me as I woke up with a smile and ice chips…a nurse.

    Who kept me pain free and comfortable after my surgery… a nurse.
    Who cleaned me up after I got sick and gave me something for the nausea from the anesthesia… a nurse.

    Who encouraged me to walk with my walker when PT started…a nurse.
    Who took time I know she did NOT have to talk to me because she sensed I was feeling
    down… a nurse.

    Who showed me how to clean my surgery site so I could do it at home….a nurse.
    Who doesn’t diagnose the patient but cares for them after one is made…. a nurse.

    Who has showed me the most compassion when I needed it…. a nurse.
    Who shared a personal story about her life to make me feel better about my disability…a nurse.

    Who has made a lifelong impact on my life… a nurse.
    Who is the heart of the hospital and the foundation of a patients stay… a nurse.

    Who often doesn’t get a thank-you or the credit they deserve…. a nurse.

    Funny how it often takes one doctor to diagnose a patient, but MANY nurses to care for a patient. What's that say about your profession?? IT'S IMPORTANT!!

    Thanks for all that you do!!! Nurses Rock!!
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    What a wonderful post, thank you!!!!
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    Hi wheels28! Great post!
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    I love it. I wish the writers of TV shows would read this. According to TV Dr.'s do all this.
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    Nurses don't diagnose officially, but there have been many times when I got the correct diagnosis and the doc did not. Sometimes a diagnosis that the doc has never even heard of. But like you, I hate hearing people say I'm just a _______. As the saying goes it takes a village.
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    Powerful post, all these reasons are what helped me decided to be a nurse. They certainly do ROCK!
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    Love this!
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    Beautiful! Thank you
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    I agree. Sometimes it seems to me that the patients are the only ones(except us) who can realize how important nurses are.
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    Beautiful post!