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    The only holiday I give a damn about is Thanksgiving. Christmas is a pagan holiday, and the others are just sales holidays to me.
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    will be working thanksgiving and christmas eve and day. new years day also, i think. we get time and a half and only for the shift were most of it is on the holiday. holidays can be easy or complete nightmares to work
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    The only "holiday" I always requested off is Halloween. I LOVE Halloween!!!! Unfortunately if you work certain areas in New England it's easier to get Christmas day off.........
    Halloween is kind of big around Salem, MA...
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    My hospital only pays 10% more to work on a holiday. I'm sure if it were time & a half, they'd have more than enough volunteers. I managed to get all of Thanksgiving & Christmas off, but am working all of New Years.
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    You can have the holidays off - put your notice in right now!
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    I am a nurse manager, but my schedule right now is that I have to work the holiday unless I take PTO--which I don't have any because I got sick and used it all up. I don't get paid extra, plus I am on call 24/7. Oh well, could be worse. I could be jobless.
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    I got Thanksgiving off....
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    This year I'm able to get TG and Christmas off by working 2 12-hr shifts every weekend. I find working every weekend really helps my busy weekday schedule (soccer mom). Luckily the other day nurses I work with do not mind working the major holidays; I am very grateful to them and so are my children.
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    I knew what I was getting in to when I became a nurse, but that doesn't mean we have to like working holidays
    The only one I care about having off if Christmas. I dont mind working TG and I don't give 2 squats about New years.
    Fortunately, everyone has holidays the do and dont care about, so there is always someone willing to swap. It's all about compromise, and usually there is ways to work around it
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    I work at a facility where we are required to work three out of the six major holidays that are observed each year. We do not have a rotating holiday schedule. Last year I really lucked out and was supposed to work Thanksgiving, but since the census was so low my supervisor just ended up canceling me. I also got Christmas Eve/Day and New Year's Eve/Day off. This year I ended up requesting off for the whole week of Thanksgiving pretty late, maybe a couple of weeks before the holiday schedule came out...but my manager honored it. I do have to work Christmas Eve/Day, but my manager gave me off New Year's Eve/Day even though they fall on my regular nights to work. She just switched my schedule that week to make it fair.

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