I want to be a nurse with a 9-5 job w/ weekends and holidays off - page 3

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    How many years and years? 35 yrs and still working every other holiday and every other weekend! Along with most of my nurse friends.

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    Quote from StNeotser
    I work Mon-Fri 8-5. I do home health for hospice. Sure it's a lot of driving.........but I finally work office hours.
    I did that for 18 months. The on call was a killer some nights out all night and then work all day. I spoke with a hospice nurse recently who put 500 miles on her car in 1 day. Thats alot of time on the road.
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    Sounds like cheap skates!
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    I looked this up and they seem to want a BSN.....I am in Texas.))
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    I highly recommend office nursing, I'm in a clinic and work approx 9-4 five days a week, no weekends or holidays ever.
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    GI lab. M-F. First shift starts at 6:30 am- 3:00 PM, closing shift at 8 am-closing (usually between 3:30 and 5 PM). The lab is open one Saturday a month, but working it is voluntary. Call is one week once a month. It's associated with a major health system so pay is comparable to hospital pay. No holidays
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    I work 8-4:30 M-F in an outpatient wound care clinic.
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    I've only been able to find clinic jobs since getting my RN license! I've worked Mon-Fri 8-4:30 the past 2 years, no weekends or holidays (including state holidays, which fortunately Hawaii has about 17!). It's nice for the most part, but I wanted to be a nurse to only work 3 days a week Oh, the irony.
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    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    Work 5 days a week?
    Oh, heck no!
    I like having days off during the week and try to avoid working more than 2 days in a row if I can help it!
    I do not want to get up and go to work 5 days in a row...
    Ditto but I never work more than 3 in a row.
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    I just went casual after 22 years of nursing and suddenly got tired of weekends, holidays and nights! I work 3 days per week(8 hr shifts) and choose to work no holidays or weekends. I did work a Sat today (my choice) and still do shifts but never before 7a and no later than 2315. I also do a little home health admin(no scrubs or hands on nursing) about 1/2 day every other week. And I wonder why I see my kids more and my attitude has improved!

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