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Graduated from an LVN program in 2012! I have 7 years of experience in caring for adults with disabilities. I would love to further my education by getting my MSN eventually one of these days but I'm taking BABY steps :)

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  1. Noninvasive lead test?

    Hello all, I just started a new job as a health manager at an organization that oversees Head Start and a huge problem we have when enrolling kids is that we have no blood lead test results. A few people around the office have mentioned that they've ...
  2. Just got my License number !

    Least stressful would probably be an LVN in a school district. You're not the "School Nurse" though, the RN is. My first job was an LVN with my local school district, most of the school districts in and around my county dont require experience (you u...
  3. CNA's in school nursing

    I am currently working in a school district as an LVN, of course under the Credintialed "School Nurse" (RN). There are also health aids. For invasive things like insulin, caths, gtube, etc only the LVN or RN handles it. For schools with kids with no ...
  4. I am working my first job as an LVN Mon-Fri 8-230 at a school district. I love it even though it isnt full time hours because I have a young son to take care of. With this job I am lucky that my parents keep him. Once hes old enough to start school I...
  5. Graduated in CA in Feb, just took my NCLEX PN on the 17th

    Thanks for the reply but I was looking for more of a time frame for Ca as of this year. For future readers:I tested may 17th 2012. I got the result may 23rd sent my money by next day mail on may 24th, I got my hard copy license today June 5th!
  6. Should a gay male LPN reveal his sexual orientation...

    I couldn't have said it better myself!
  7. Pearson Vue Trick - Poll once you receive your results

    Worked for me! I Took the PCLEX PN in CA and tried PVT an hour after testing, I got the pop up but I felt like Id be one of the only people that it wont work for! Got my letter today:bugeyes:
  8. good pop up, but my name isnt on the website :( maybe i didnt pass

    juh_lee_suh, did you get your result yet? I just got mine :)
  9. How long did it take you to get result for NCLEX pn ? ( California)

    Seems like the BVNPT has been a lot quicker with mailing results! I tested May 17th and got the letter today (May 23rd) saying that I PASSED! :) I am tempted to take the 4 hour drive to do it in person but I dont feel like paying for the gas and wear...
  10. How long did it take you to get result for NCLEX pn ? ( California)

    How long did it take you to get your result and how long after payment did you get your license?
  11. ATI PN

    The program I went through had us use ATI throughout the who program for each subject we were in (pharm, peds, med surg) and a comphrehensive at the end. I feel like it helped A LOT!
  12. good pop up, but my name isnt on the website :( maybe i didnt pass

    As a previous poster said in CA for the LVN our names wont show up on the website until we get our results and send a check to them and wait AGAIN.. Lots of waiting! I took my NCLEX PN on the 17th so we are about on the same timeline..they were supe...
  13. And I am going crazy! It took the state forever to process out papers and some of my classmates' paperwork is still being held up (when someone called they said they got our apps March 8th) I got my paperwork on May 12th and scheduled my exam on the...
  14. Leaving bedside nursing after just 18 months for a desk position

    You have to do what feels best. If you feel like youre not seeing your loved ones and especially your husband enough AND youre tempted to take the other job, do it. Its probably not meant to be. If you stay your heart wont be in it, there might be s...
  15. ATI testing

    We used ATI thoughout the program to help us prepare for state boards, I found it helpful in some areas, especially if you take the practice tests online, it will point out your weak areas