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    I find myself eyeballing people's veins... especially the big muscular guys. I want to put at #16 right in those juicy arms.

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    If I need a couple of asprin, I don't just grab a couple out of the bottle.
    I have to hold up the bottle and make sure I read the label to double check.
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    My two big habits are ...

    1. Signing RN after my name on checks and restaurant receipts.
    2. Waking up from a sound sleep and while I'm still half-asleep I'm asking my GF who is covering my patients or if I gave handoff report.

    Obviously I tend to do the RN signature thing more often but I've woken up in a panic more than once thinking that I am still in the hospital.

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    Using my "med surg strut " when I'm off duty-my poor husband is always telling me to slow down,we are not running to a code at the grocery store. And lists-I was never so organized until I became an LPN.I am so used to writing out my lists at work that I can't get any thing accomplished at home without writing a list and crossing off each task as I go.
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    I opened a new bottle of ibuprofen at home yesterday and without even thinking I grabbed a Sharpie and wrote the date opened on it!
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    After constantly being on call I wake up at 3am to see if I have any missed calls from work on my cell phone.
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    If I dont make a list of all I have to do I panic that I am forgetting something really imortant since I normally write everything I have to do. Just to be mean my husband hid my list and I spend 2 hours looking for it when he finally gave it back to me !
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    Almost answering my home phone with "Hi. This is___ from ____ unit. How can I help you?" Also hearing phantom call lights and/or tele monitor at home... signing "rn" after my signature and using short hand at home like the "c" sign for with and "s" for without when I leave notes or even in my personal journal when I feel super lazy....and being more used to measuring things in mLs here in the States! I do not like using ounces..

    Oh and ditto about the veins! I admire from afar...
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    When I signed my morgatge documents my broker was so suprised that my signiture was identical on every line. Well that what happens when you sign it 100 times a shift.

    Lists I LOVE them. as a manager now I have 3 or 4 going at once over different things. so satisfying to strike lines through them.

    I don't take meds from the bottle ..... I shake them in the cap and then into my hand.

    Looking for stuff in my pockets...............when I am home and have no pockets.

    My Charge nurse walk. Being 6 ft tall female may account for some of it but it is rapid and directed. No stopping to look at things. Drives friends crazy because I do it when I have had a few drinks as well and am half way down the block before them.

    hospital corners (can't blame nursing for that one. I worked in housekeeping as a teenager!)

    My belief that most things can be fixed with a good Bowel action. nausea, lethargy, boerdem!

    super sonic hearing and also the ability to ignore noises............I can hear a pump the length of the ward but when I hear the NIC phone ring I am suddenly busy.

    Super sense of smell............usually not a good thing!
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    Quote from Little_Mouse
    using short hand at home like the "c" sign for with and "s" for without when I leave notes or even in my personal journal when I feel super lazy....and being more used to measuring things in mLs here in the States!
    When I made my original post I totally forgot my habit of signing LPN after my name on anything I sign.

    Little Mouse your post reminded me of my habit of using medical shorthand when writing notes etc. I wrote a note to my daughters teacher and sent it in. She called me later in the day laughing and said, Mrs. Pixie can you decipher what you were trying to tell me? Oh, and I had no idea you were a nurse...your signature gave it away". I didn't even realize I had written the note with medical shorthand.
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