A Guide to Nursing Specialties

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    It takes a special person to choose to become a nurse. Nurses are caring and dedicated people who take care of patients in many different ways. Those who select this field as a potential career have a plethora of opportunities available to them. In fact, there are more than 20 different types of specialties that a nurse can choose from. Take a look at some of the most popular ones.
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    Thanks, very informative
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    Thank you.
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    Very nice chart! Thank you for sharing.
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    Some of those don't seem popular at all. Where's Emergency Nursing?
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    This is very informative and eye catching guide. Anyone who would like to take nursing as a career should have this kind of guide.
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    No peds? or my love of NICU?
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    What a great visual aid for those choosing a specialty. Still doesn't make it easier to choose which pathway though!
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    Hmmm....would love to have seen School Nursing, but a great infographic that I wil share with my guidance department for our College/Career day next week.
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    No OB, peds, case management, ortho, infection control, psych....?

    I thought we weren't supposed to post advertising? CTU is a for-profit place.
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