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Memorial Day holiday weekend is right around the corner. Who's working the weekend? How about Memorial Day? Don't you just hate it when you are scheduled to work on a holiday? ... Read More

  1. by   sauconyrunner
    I never really minded it. Now of course I don't work holidays...
  2. by   Kitsey
    I'm a CNA and WANT to work all the holidays. Double time and a half!! I'll take any and all of them cause we don't get paid enough-lol
  3. by   tina1997
    I started a new job at LTC in March and have worked Easter, mother's day, am working weekend plus Memorial Day and the day after plus father's day. This is the first Memorial Day I will miss with my family. We usually spend the long weekend at the shore (Jersey) with parents-in-law (whom I love) and the kids, me and my husband. I will miss this one (1st in 4 years) and I am really depressed about it! Shining light though is that I have 4th of July off plus two days afterward (JOY)! Shore time with the family is what's getting me through!
  4. by   GitanoRN
    for some reason i always end-up working the holidays for those that want the time off, my children understand and we get to open their gifts on the 24th, while i work 12hr. plus on the 25th. even though i'm in management i can't bring myself to leave my staff on their own during the holidays, i have never asked them to do something that i wouldn't do. therefore, i'll be working on every single holiday only half a day. then totally off new years day, because my 2 oldest children and myself go to the new years eve masquerade ball every year!
  5. by   danielle gwillym
    I love working holidays because of the pay!.... I'm a Healthcare Assistant and i recently put a claim in for my uniform allowance and mileage allowance, i didnt even know i was entitled to it! i now have 945 in my bank for making a simple phone call.... just something for you all to look at
  6. by   amygarside
    I don't really mind working on holidays. I guess it's because I don't have kids yet, which makes it emotionally easier for me to work on such days.
  7. by   KenH
    I like working the Holidays,
    premium pay , management has left the building, All but the sick have been discharged

    If you have the holidays off you have to put up with everyone else that has those day off, if travel or try to go out you are part of the heard mentality, just hurry up and wait

    I like working my 3 days a week, + when I can swing it , I try to work 6 on and 8 off
    Nothing better than having fun when everyone else is stuck working
  8. by   jrbl77
    I have worked every other holiday for the last 35 yrs. You could say I'm use to it by now.
    When my kids were little, they knew that on Christmas Santa would come when mom said he would. They grew up knowing that mom worked every other holiday and that was the way it was. Now my grandson will be living the same schedule until grandma can retuire. In my family, there a four of us that work in health care and 1 that works for an airline, scheduling holidays can be rough.
  9. by   edmia
    I actually don't mind at all!

    First of all, holidays are quieter on the unit as things don't move around too much, few scheduled surgeries if any, no management around (best of all!).

    Secondly, time and a half pay! love that. I prefer to work on holidays, as it makes sense financially. I have to work a certain number of 12 hour shifts anyway, so why not just knock one off at a higher paid rate?

    I guess my opinion is skewed though because most of the major legal holidays in the US are Christian holidays and I'm not Christian, so it works out best for me to work say xmas and have a long stretch of days off for my holidays.

    In any case, nursing is not a monday to friday, 9 to 5 job so complaining about having to work weekends and holidays is useless in my opinion. That's just part of the deal of working a great profession, good pay, few actual days at work, awesome career and educational growth opportunities, etc.

    Now, if what you want is a m to f, 9 to 5 job then job hunt for that specifically. Plenty of office nursing jobs around. But don't be annoying if you know what you signed up for (that's really just a comment to my colleagues who complain all the time about their schedules). I mean, we work 12 or 13 days out of the month! Deal with it.
  10. by   kmarie724
    At my job, nurses work every other holiday and it works out that it rotates each year. I am working Memorial Day. I don't mind working Memorial Day and Labor Day since I never have any special plans on those days anyway. I actually try to pick up a shift on those days the years it is my holiday off since I always work Mondays anyway and it's time and a half pay. Of course I would love to always have off Thanksgiving and Christmas, but if I have to work, we will just celebrate on a different day or plan our celebration about my work schedule.
  11. by   lossforimagination
    Some hospitals are not paying holiday pay anymore!
  12. by   Code_VSA
    Because I am permanent weekend worker, I have had to work the last 7 Christmas's, Boxing Day (Canadian thing), and New Years.

    I didn't mind so much at first. But now it's getting to me that because of the time and a half pay for those 3 days. I make LESS money than I would on just a regular paycheck. ALL the extra money and then some goes for taxes. Double punch in the every holiday and makes less money to boot!

    I also asked for it off last year so I could go south and see my grandchildren and children. Denied. Okay, I get it. But WHY this year give me December 24th (Saturday) off, when I didn't ask for it???

    Tired, tired, of the whole thing. I really feel that Nurses are treated poorly.

    Only two more weekends left and I am going casual.
  13. by   midinphx
    I look back at all the Christmas's and holiday's that were moved to a different day to celebrate during my nursing career and I laugh that I ever complained. I joined the military and now not only do I work the holidays, I miss months of time with my family. It's just a date. Celebrate whenever you can and be grateful that you can. Be glad that you're employed - as opposed to deployed.