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Memorial Day holiday weekend is right around the corner. Who's working the weekend? How about Memorial Day? Don't you just hate it when you are scheduled to work on a holiday? Congratulations to Murse520 for... Read More

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    Since I'm older, single and not christian so I don't mind working holidays. Better pay, it's quieter and it's kinda like "paying it forward" for those who do need it off.
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    I love working the holiday days--- depending upon which area you work -- can be very quiet and usually no management staff working or for instance, ER can be very busy. As a manager always nice to be able to get caught up on things and to get to know you staff better!!! I have probably worked Christmas for at least 40 years to let others with small kids have it off!!!
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    i usually worked christmas day so someone with little kids could have it off instead because it only seemed fair.
    my husband has the same breaks that his college students have off and that has given us plenty of time off. we
    spent the actual holiday with family frequently but left early so i could get to work on time.

    sometimes my husband would cook a holiday meal, following my written instructions, calling with any questions.
    my favorite? "i stuffed the capon just like you said, but all the stuffing is leaking out its butt (he said something
    else) and i think he may explode! what should i do?"

    i told him to start again and lightly stuff instead of packing it all in.
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    I never really minded it. Now of course I don't work holidays...
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    I'm a CNA and WANT to work all the holidays. Double time and a half!! I'll take any and all of them cause we don't get paid enough-lol
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    I started a new job at LTC in March and have worked Easter, mother's day, am working weekend plus Memorial Day and the day after plus father's day. This is the first Memorial Day I will miss with my family. We usually spend the long weekend at the shore (Jersey) with parents-in-law (whom I love) and the kids, me and my husband. I will miss this one (1st in 4 years) and I am really depressed about it! Shining light though is that I have 4th of July off plus two days afterward (JOY)! Shore time with the family is what's getting me through!
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    for some reason i always end-up working the holidays for those that want the time off, my children understand and we get to open their gifts on the 24th, while i work 12hr. plus on the 25th. even though i'm in management i can't bring myself to leave my staff on their own during the holidays, i have never asked them to do something that i wouldn't do. therefore, i'll be working on every single holiday only half a day. then totally off new years day, because my 2 oldest children and myself go to the new years eve masquerade ball every year!
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    I love working holidays because of the pay!.... I'm a Healthcare Assistant and i recently put a claim in for my uniform allowance and mileage allowance, i didnt even know i was entitled to it! i now have 945 in my bank for making a simple phone call.... just something for you all to look at
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    I don't really mind working on holidays. I guess it's because I don't have kids yet, which makes it emotionally easier for me to work on such days.
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    I like working the Holidays,
    premium pay , management has left the building, All but the sick have been discharged

    If you have the holidays off you have to put up with everyone else that has those day off, if travel or try to go out you are part of the heard mentality, just hurry up and wait

    I like working my 3 days a week, + when I can swing it , I try to work 6 on and 8 off
    Nothing better than having fun when everyone else is stuck working
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