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  1. by   nurseprnRN
    an improvement :d, thanks.
  2. by   VivaLasViejas
    The pile of ashes looks like me yesterday, after a family member told my boss that I've been "making things up" about her father, who's declining rapidly and needs to move to a nursing home. She, of course, is in complete denial and so his lack of ability to transfer, his need to be hand-fed, his constant UTIs and all are just figments of my imagination. I told my boss to keep that woman away from me and walked down the hall, shut the break room door, went into the med room and shut THAT door, and proceeded to blow my stack. My staff have never seen me that angry before. Hey, you can say anything you want to my face, but questioning my professional ethics behind my back is crossing a line. I was furious!!
  3. by   Spidey's mom
    At first reading Marla I thought you meant one of YOUR family members . ... then I read it again and figured it out.

    That IS frustrating.

    The last time I felt that way as a nurse was when I was still working acute and doing 100 hours per pay period because I couldn't say no. I cannot tell you how peaceful I've felt ever since resigning that job and going back to school to get my BSN.
  4. by   debRN0417
    love it!
  5. by   GHGoonette
    Now, this serves as a timely warning to all nurses; not to be in such a hurry!

    Yes, we're always being harried to finish tasks quickly, but in actual fact we are being urged to place our lives in considerable danger.

    NO, we cannot say to ourselves (nor allow others to say it), "Ok, I'll just put my Rocket in my Pocket and go Zoom around the Room".....ROCKETS do not belong in POCKETS!

  6. by   joe17
  7. by   ANurseDivided
    That was me about 5 years ago...well almost....mostly just fried on the ends lol
  8. by   GitanoRN
  9. by   CaptainPC
    I like this cartoon. I saw my wife in it when I first read it.
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  11. by   Ahhphoey
    I've seen this and unfortunately it was not a pretty scene...
  12. by   Thujone
    Least his shoe kept clean!