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  1. Hi, im an RN outside US ,but passed my nclex in Vermont state and currently active on Vermont I'm now on the process to have my license endorse to SOuth Carolina,submitted all the requirements only missing is English proficiency since I'm educated outside US.In SC board of nursing website they only mentioned IELTS requirements of 6.0 on all bullets with the general average of 6.5..but no mentioned of either ACADEMIC Or GENERAL IELTS test.been emailing them and phoned but no one seems to give me a straight answer and always refer me back to their website.....so I took a decision to myself and taken the GENERAL IELTS TESt...and managed to get all my score above 6.0 and average of 7 ... my my question is will they accept it?..most people I asked is they saying I need the academic IELTS not the general...I have a waiting job,,but this English profieciency is killing it. Please dose anyone have similar experience to me?
  2. joe17

    What is a Nurse Career Battery test?

    hi, bcandygurl took the test. a day after the Hr told me I passed. 3 days after I had interview and got the job....hooorayyyyyyy.I got the charge nurse post which im really looking forward...cant wait to start.
  3. joe17

    What is a Nurse Career Battery test?

    Jist found out I passed the NCB test...thank God....and they wanted me for an interview with the job..one last hurdle to jump wish me luck........
  4. I was invited to take this test before my interview and I have no clue of what sort of question they going to throw on me.this is my dream job and I don't want to kill my self If I failed this one..Please can anyone give me a little hint on this one ...
  5. joe17

    How to apply Texas license

    Hi , I have an active Vermont RN license ,,but I want to work in Texas ..anyone can tell me the procedure on how to apply for Texas RN license??
  6. joe17

    Taken the NCLEX 3 times now and failed...

    im sorry to read your failure......for once i was in your shoes failed2x gone to depression and eventually made it for 3rd time...dont give up...keep trying one day you will be rewarded..go back to study this time around focus on the areas you failed...keep answering lots of Q AND A . they are life saver...kaplan are best in qbanks,,get LACHARITY IF YOU DONT HAVE IT..ITS A MUST BOOK.... and lastly pray and build your confident..... best of luck mate joe
  7. joe17

    Can someone reply

    forget about your score, it doesnt matter if you get a low score, what is important is you understand the question and rationale.the more questions you answer the better.so scores are irrelevant. goodluck joe
  8. ThanksI would add lacharity to ur materials and hurst review..I reviewed hard with those 2 together with Kaplan Qbanks 2 weeks before my test. I also lave nursing incredibly easy which are very useful. If u want my materials send me a pm Im happy to share it to yahGood luck Joe
  9. That depends what you have used before..... In my case I was very happy with combi of Kaplan QBanks. Together with hurst review. And la charity
  10. joe17

    Took My boards April 11th

    Congrats. Very good job.
  11. joe17

    3 wks til NCLEX, any advice for me please?

    You should start doing of what I called endurance test do a Qbanks of 150 question daily. Till a day or 2 of your test day. Get Qbanks from a good source question like ncsbn or Kaplan if you haven't got any of them yet. Good luck.
  12. Congratulation. You deserved it.
  13. joe17

    This is how I prepared for my NCLEX-RN Exam. :)

    Wishing you a very good luck
  14. joe17

    can't get high score despite of studying

    Looking at your scores. I think you are ready now. Keep it up. And be consistent with ur study scheduled.
  15. joe17

    Exactly 2 weeks before NCLEX-RN Exam Day!! Yay!

    cant wait to read your success story....