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Did the money play a factor in you choosing a nursing career? Do you think money is a factor in why people choose nursing as a career? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments... Read More

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    No because I am extremely fascinated with medicine. I was always so curious about disease process in individuals, looking at victims of car accidents/gunshots/lacerations/etc, hearing about all sorts of crazy medical cases, etc. I'm a strange person because I used to waste countless hours on looking at stuff (DON'T GO THERE IF YOU EASILY GET GROSSED OUT) and asking physicians, nurses, EMT's, any person working the medical field the craziest things they've seen and describe them wholeheartedly. I really should have been an EMT but I am leaning towards trauma nurse or ER nurse in the near future after I become licensed and work for a few years. Also, I'm very people-oriented and empathetic. I learn as much as I can so I can talk to all sorts of different people and make them feel as comfortable as they can. If I really wanted to go in for the money, I would have done something else.

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    In a bsn program now. Used to be a flight attendant. I worked 15 - 19 hour flights (even longer duty days) and had to clean urine, vomit, and all other sorts of disgusting bodily fluids on a regular basis. I've busted out the AED on more than one occasion. I may as well make more money to do it, and avoid the jet lag. Ha.

    No. But really, I have always wanted to be a nurse. :-)
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    I absolutely love being a nurse, and its a double bonus that it pays quite well in some areas! And it's one of those jobs that can't be outsourced which is a triple bonus!
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    Yes, money plays a factor for probably anyone here, I mean if you had the means to live without work, would you work? I doubt it. I love my job, don't get me wrong. But if I had the choice to live at home and raise my 4 kids and not have to worry about the mortgage getting paid, or working and paying the bills, I would be a stay at home Mom.
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    HAHAHA ("I do it because I love you")
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    Quote from SoldierNurse22

    Really? Sarcasm, I hope? If not, you haven't looked too hard!
    No. Seriously. I have no clue which jobs have demand that pay well and don't have heaps of stress.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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    Technically not for the money. After 16 yrs in a prior job, the company downsized. I was thrown out in the cold, and it was one of the most devastating experiences of my life. That was NEVER going to happen to me again.
    Some days I wish it would.
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    I'd be a liar if I said the money didn't play a role in my choice, but if I'd decided purely on the money, I'd have gone back to school for 2 years to get my Master's in Accountancy and sat for my CPA exam, not gone into an ADN program. I have a lot of bills to pay and money I owe people, so I needed a career that would allow for that. I've leaned toward nursing for a while now, though. The "gross" stories fascinate me, people fascinate me, and learning about the human body is amazing to me. I have no clue where I'll end up yet, and the studying is INTENSE, but I do love it.

    I could never be a desk-job kind of gal. I need more challenge. I want to help people. Nursing pays well enough that I can follow my dreams and make a decent living, so here I am =).
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    Thats not what I thought till I started feeling miserable in this profession and wanting to leave, but not knowing how because of my bills. Could possibly be my environment but who knows. At this point, the financial aspect is what's keeping me up to take it.
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