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Did the money play a factor in you choosing a nursing career? Do you think money is a factor in why people choose nursing as a career? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with... Read More

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    the money and why was my last comment taken down?
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    In it for the money, won't lie. I worked retail for years, got paid $9 an hour to get screamed at, spit at, had to clean up poop and pee there too. Money's a lot better though! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy helping people, and some of my patients are a joy, but money was the main attraction.
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    Becoming a nurse for "the money " is a little like the woman who "is searching for a rich guy to marry ".

    In both scenarios you will work for every penny of it!!!
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    Quote from Aongroup1990
    the money and why was my last comment taken down?
    Look at post number 33 to view your last comment. Your last comment was not removed.
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    One thing is I am still in nursing because of the money. To sum people its not a lot, but I think 26 dollars an hour is good money and I can live by myself.
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    As a former corrections officer of five years that worked very closely with the nursing staff on a daily basis I believe that even though nurses and corrections officers work very closely, nurses are better paid and deserve it. The nurses at the corrections centers and I all had the same fluids thrown at, on, around us and share many of the same stories that come from working in that type of environment. Currently, as a nursing student, I'm going into nursing only partly for the money (working in corrections gives people just enough money stick around but not much else) and also because I believe that nursing affords me more than just a desk job. I hate being cornered in my career choices and options and nursing is filled with opportunities. As a result I don't believe that I'll ever be bored like I was in corrections, nor will I miss the pay. I'm not bashing people who do choose corrections as a career but to them I say you have my gratitude for taking a job that I can't imagine doing for another five years, let alone twenty before I could even think about retirement. Can't wait to begin working as a nurse.

    Like akulahawk, money is not the thing that drives me but it is a factor. Corrections didn't allow me to properly take care of my family nor did I particularly enjoy going to work every day. I believe that I have chosen something that will allow me to look forward to getting up and going to work every day. Good summary akulahawk.
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    I make more money as a nurse than most of my friends. I'm always baffled at folks who don't think nursing is a decent paying career that actually does have a comparatively good job stability compared to other fields. If you look at median incomes in the US, we sit pretty high on that scale.
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    Not for the money at all, although it is nice, but for the care of the people who need it. I love people, and I love to see them feel well.
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    I'm not a nurse.. Researching nursing schools. I want to be a nurse because I want an important job with good benefits. I've been told that I'd be good at it because I care about others, and I work hard at everything I do. But, of course they make decent money... And that would be nice too.

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