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I am an LVN who went back to school for my BSN. I had a rough time trying to understand dosage calculations and didn't pass the HESI.Does anyone have any resources I could utilize to gain a better understanding and practice? it would be much appreciated for the help 

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I struggled with maths when I started my degree. 

We were recommended maths and meds for nurses


It takes you from the basic maths and how it applys in our day to day working life

I always recommend:  RegisteredNurseRN on YouTube.   She covers everything and has probably helped more people graduate from nursing school than the actual schools people attended.


The link above goes to her main site and she offers videos and quizzes to supplement her material.

Brad (@bjwojcik) is a retired pharmacist who occasionally posts here.  He authored a text, Pharmacy Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians, which he has made available here.  While written for pharmacy technicians, it is equally applicable to nursing.  If you review his posts, many include helpful tips.

Best wishes.

ETA: If you prefer nursing specific texts, he has authored two; Both available here.

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