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I love the holidays. Is there anyone here who doesn't? Please share your most dreadful or most memorable holiday stories. :) Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and... Read More

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    Not as much as I used to. It's too commercialized. Remember when even the gas station was closed? You filled up your car a few days before. If you forgot the whipping cream on the way to the relatives, you went without, because everything was closed.

    Christmas didn't start until well after Thanksgiving. I really miss those simplier times.

    I'm with one of the posters when it comes to 'stuff'. Why do people fight over TV's and silly gadgets that will be tossed in the closet in less than a year? The only Black Friday I go to is a local grocery store that has clothing, electronics. They have a really good sock sale, lol. That's my black friday.
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    Holidays never really meant anything to me as a kid. As my family size slowly starts to reach zero, it means more and more to me to see the ones I care about. My GF is really getting me into the Christmas spirit now too. She gets so excited for the smallest things, like putting up our tree, looking at and hanging all the ornaments that we got as kids, and actually having the time to spend around each other and making christmas cookies for the family and my ER. That is the holidays to me. I doubt we get each other anything this year other than a small little fun present, and that is all I can ever ask for.
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    I want to love the hoidays, but with people shopping til their dropping on Black Friday for stuff, while others struggle to keep themselves warm makes me more sad than happy. Rather than "stuff" or "things", I just want to be with family/loved ones and relax as much as possible.
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    Quote from dirtyhippiegirl
    Going to be my first holiday without my mom. Was poking around Walgreen's the other night and found a very soft blanket -- I immediately thought "mom would love this for Christmas" and then remembered that I won't be buying her anything for Christmas.

    I bought the blanket for myself instead.
    I had that with Father's Day this year. I always look for two cards. Got the first and was looking for the second when I realized, no FIL this year. Sad. My condolences to you.
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    I feel for those who have lost loved ones around the holidays.

    I love the holidays. Yes, it is SO commercialized but that doesn't mean it has to be in my home. I have certain things I love to do each year. We decorate our tree while playing the nutcracker suite CD. I have ornaments from the year each of our children were born and they like to hang their own ornament on the tree. I also have a graduation hat ornament from nursing graduation and an ornament from my wedding that I like to hang on the tree. My Husband's dear grandma (we call her "Great", for great-grandma) passed away a couple of years ago. I have an ornament with her picture on it. We hang it on the tree and talk about all the fun times we had with her and all of her stories that she would tell us over and over each time we saw her. (Living in New York in the olden days, etc.)

    My son and I put together a lego village and we put a train set around the tree. On Christmas morning we open presents together. It is for the kids. My hubby and I don't buy for each other. If anything, I will put some candy in our stockings for us to munch on while the kids eat their candy from their stockings. I have a budget of $100-150 per kid. (I only have two kids) Since times have been tough the last few years we don't buy for the nieces and nephews (and we tell brothers and sisters not to buy for our kids). It's just too expensive and all the kids are older teens now (except for my twelve year old). I will bake and make fudge and take it to relatives we visit. One thing that bugs me is seeing people in stores buying stuff just to buy it. When I get a gift, there is thought put into it.
    With all the hustle and bustle, sometimes it is easy to forget why we really celebrate the season.
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    I don't do Black Friday, never have. People behave like savages, and I don't want to bear witness.
    It's not that I don't like holidays, it's just the extra stuff I have to do on top of all the stuff I already do. It can be exhausting.

    I've had little old ladies come to the hospital with vague complaints of this and that. They hold court in their room for 3-4 days through XMas.
    Usually they'll confide to me eventually that they just didn't want to clean their house. Or that they didn't have any gifts bought. Or that they just didn't want to host a party at their house.
    We spend thousands of dollars on labs, Xrays, tele, EKGs.... just because the pt wanted to escape the holiday.
    Maybe I'll be that little old lady one of these days.
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    Quote from Paco-RN
    I don't like the holidays much anymore. Ever since my mom passed away in 2001, Thanksgiving and Christmas have lost their meaning quite a bit. I have been dating someone for several years now who is originally from another country that does not celebrate Thanksgiving at all, so working on Thanksgiving (including Black Fri) is something I don't mind doing at all. My favorite part of the holidays has been New Years Eve, because for me it means all the holiday nonsense is over. Christmas this year may be a little different in that I will be part of their family now, so perhaps it will be as special as it was when I was a kid. Let's see!
    I hope so, Paco-RN. Having to carry on without those near and dear is so difficult, as is having loved ones pass near the holidays. I so hope and pray you and others hurting at this time find a renewed reason to draw joy from the season.

    Special hugs to CT Pixie.
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    I've lost loved ones...but I still love the holidays. Yes, Christmas is commercialized and it's terrible but why let that ruin your spirit? It doesn't have to be for you if you don't let it. I am a Christmas fanatic...everything about it...the decorations, baking, traditions, and most of all - spending time with family. There are just so many traditions and memories and I get so excited about every little thing. Never really buy much...I handmake all my gifts and do lots of baking and running to Walmart for this or that for me! I already have Christmas music and candles going...cozied up with some hot chocolate as I type this! Hubby and I are going to Toronto for the annual Christmas parade's honestly one of our favourite and most anticipated days of the year. We're both like little kids...and when we have kids...I'll make sure it's as special for them too, because my mother hates Christmas and I really have to try and pump her up for it!
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    I agree, the holidays are very hard for those who have lost loved ones. It's still important to make the best of it with all the family and loved ones who are still with us.
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    I never really celebrated holidays as a kid (poor). And when our family tried to spend them together, at least one fist fight always broke out, and it usually escalated to the point where it was more than 2 of us fighting. Police were usually involved. As an adult, they are not much more to me than any other day (kind of like how Birthdays stop mattering once you leave home and go out on your own). The only real days I look forward to are my daughter's Birthdays. That is my excuse to pry them from their mother and take them on a few days vacation and spend more time with them-They're "Daddy's Girls "

    On the upside, I always happily volunteer to work holidays and sponge the extra pay that comes with it !!
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